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Appropriate for High School? 
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Young Hoofer
Young Hoofer

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Post Re: Appropriate for High School?
I mean, my local high school did RENT! The kids appeared to be very mature about it and absolutely blew me away.
A Chorus Line should be fine, it's not like any of the words are not already used in their daily vocabulary. The only reason not to do ACL is if you don't have the dancers for it; it's INTENSE.

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Thu Oct 19, 2017 4:58 pm
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Off-Broadway Lead

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Post Re: Can't change the show
duringtheafter wrote:
No one has brought this up, but changing any part of the show (even a word here or a line there) is against the rules--not to mention the law--and could result in the show closing down.

I know that theaters and high schools change things every day, but I also know of a few unfortunate cases where MTI employees or others were present and forced them to change it back or close down.

I know there are those who would argue, "Why shouldn't we just change that one curse word to that one milder one so we can do this wonderful show?"
Respecting the author's intent IS a big deal and gets stomped on all too often (hence the laws about not changing anything).

Besides, as far as "conservative parents" or whoever complaining, they'd probably be more horrified by Paul's confessional monologue than the mention of "tits and ass" (which can be heard on shows like Will & Grace or Friends).
15-year-olds know ALL the curses. The ones involved in theater are often the least likely to throw them around just for fun. (Once they're given permission to swear in acting class, it can lose its thrill for them.)

If you're trying to protect your student population or parent population or community or what-have-you, then put a disclaimer on the poster ("not suitable for children under 13") or DON'T DO THE SHOW. Simple.

Otherwise we'll have "Les Miz: The Happy Edition" where no one dies because it's too traumatizing for the students, or "Cabaret" (which high schools do often in quite racy ways) being changed so that the Nazis are just "really grumpy guys" and the saucy dance numbers are replaced by good ol' wholesome square dancing.

THANK YOU!!! OMG!!! I'm sick of everybody cleaning up these shows. This show isn't appropriate for high school because it's an ADULT SHOW!!!! Please respect the authors! They wrote the shows the way they are written. Cutting, editing, dropping songs and even changing genders on certain shows ruins the shows. I'll keep saying this over. Stop political correcting musicals! I want to see them in their full glory without political correctness and the way they were meant to be.

Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:38 pm
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