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Set in Oregon in 1850, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers is the story of Adam Pontipee who goes to town looking for a bride (Bless Your Beautiful Hide). He finds Milly working in a restaurant and convinces her to marry him. Milly's ecstasy (Wonderful Wonderful Day) quickly sours when she finds she is to also take care of Adam's six unkempt, burly brothers. Deciding to make the marriage work (One Man), Milly sets a plan into motion to marry off the brothers, including teaching them how to court girls (Goin' Courtin').

   At the town social the brothers and girls' town suitors square off in a rousing challenge dance which ends in a brawl, and the brothers' banishment from the town.

   At the farm, Gideon's newfound feelings of love lead to a comparison of his, Adam's and Milly's view of love (Love Never Goes Away).

   When Adam realises all the brothers are in love, but are totally frustrated by the banishment, he tells them to follow the example in one of Milly's books, do "like the Romans did with the Sabine Women" and just take the girls (Sobbin' Women) - and a preacher to marry them all.

   The boys kidnap the girls from the town and escape by causing an avalanche with shuts off their pursuers (Townsfolk's Lament). Because they forgot to kidnap the preacher, and angry Milly bars the men from the house until the Spring thaw when the girls could be taken back to town. Adam refuses to take Milly's orders and leaves for the trapping cabin (A Woman Ought To Know Her Place).

   During the winter, brothers and girls long for each other (We Gotta Make It Through the Winter & Lonesome Polecat).

   By Spring, the couples are together and in love (Spring, Spring, Spring). The arrival of Milly's baby prompts Gideon to go up to the cabin to get Adam to come home. Adam refuses but questions his feelings about Milly (A Woman Ought To Know Her Place (Reprise)). When Adam does return, Milly and the couples are singing the baby to sleep (Glad That You Were Born).

   Adam realises that he was wrong and decides to take the girls back to town. The girls overhear Adam's plan and run to hide. They want to stay with their men. The townsmen appear and misinterpret what's happening as the brothers catch the girls in a situation that appears more sinister than it is.

   All ends well when the townsmen fulfill everyone's wishes by forcing the couples to marry in a shotgun wedding (Wedding Dance).

   And so, as in all love stories - this time seven love stories - everything ends happily, especially for the audience, who leave the theatre with the warm feeling that they have been to a wonderful party.


Transcribed by Sally Chou

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