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CATS UK Tour Review 
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Post CATS UK Tour Review
I'll probably be adding to this when I go see the show again this October.

I saw the show on a Tuesday night on the 21st of June. It was the normal in there were no understudies on.

Since I don't really live close to Leeds, we had to set off around 1pm. Around the same time that I got a phone call from the theatre saying that due to the set being bigger than the actual stage, they had to take out some seats. Them seats being the ones I was sat on. So I got a full refund and then got sat in the row I on 11 and 12.

Onto the show.
First when I saw the set, I felt like crying. Mostly because this is the first show I absolutely fell in love with, and I was seeing it live again in ages.

During Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats, a few of the actors stood out for me. Daniella as Cassandra. Who's facial expressions were just perfect for Cassandra and movements alike. Then there was Misto. I can't remember exactly why he stood out, but he certainly did. There was just something about him that did so.
Everything was exactly how often remembered from the previous times that I've seen the show.
Though Old Deuteronomy did miss his line, all I heard was the end of his line. It seemed as though he got onto stage later than usual. We all make mistakes, and he did try and correct himself.
I did notice Gus trying to do all the dance moves whilst on the pipe, though not really doing as well as the others since he is an old cat.

During the Naming of cats, Celia Graham, who plays Jwllylorum, was close by saying the lines. Her voice is so stunning. Such a beautiful singer...I may have also fallen back in love with her unitard..Mostly the wig though. It just looked so fluffy..gah.

Victoria in her solo had some great facial expressions. It seemed as though she was really proud of herself for getting her leg so high with this cute smile that she did.

The Gumbie cat tap, to me, is way better than what it was originally. I much preceded this version. During the part where only one group and Jenny are tap dancing, there was Mungojerrie stood off to the side mimicking her and putting his outfit on. Joe Henry is such a great Mungo, in so many aspects.

The Tugger rap isn't as bad as I first set it out to be. The dancing, however, isn't really my cup of tea. Since I don't really like street dance. But it was okay. Marcquelle is definitely better than the video of him from Italy. That's a plus. Cassandra and Mungo stood out most during his rap and dance. With Cassandra off to the left dancing to the music and mungojerrie trying his hardest to get Tugger to look at him.
Tugger does try to get those watching to chant 'Jrlliclecoolest cat's though it really isn't clear what he was saying.

Grizabellas first entrance, she kind of just struts on. Not like she's old or withered away..just strutting. Carby had been pushed out by Bill Bailey and admetus to scratch Griza, then they all ran into the pipe to hide away from Munku.
Demeter really surprised me here. The actress is so different from Lily Frazer. She sings as those she hates Griza, but also feels sorry for her. On the line 'wished she was dead' it was such a sharp line that must of the cats stared at Demeter.

At the start of bustopher Jones, all the femaLes had gone off to the side. With Cassandra climbing up the frame. Jelly or Jenny looked as though they were asking her to get down.
Carby and Bill Bailey did a cute bum shake in front of Bustopher, leading to Carby to get told off by Jenny. Carbucketty then cried into his paws, refusing to look at Bustopher when Jenny told him to. Though as soon as Bustopher talked about food, his head was up like a shot.

Emily and Joe work really well together. They are great dancers together and separately.

After the interval, the twins and Cassandra came back on at the same time. They went up towards each other for greeting then got into their places for moments of happiness. I really did notice Jemima more at this point. She looked sort of relieved and shocked when the twins started to move to help her. Grizabella also looked shocked that jemima was singing the familiar song.

This Gus improbably the best Gus that I have ever seen. His vocals were great. He sung in an old voice that made him look weary. And Jelly played off him greatly, reacting to everything he said.
Alonzo was up near the moon, the end it looked as though he had fallen to sleep. new favourite song. I just love the jazzy theme to it. The outfits..the cockney accent... Everything just goes. The Italian aria is my favourite out of that and ballad of Billy McCraw. I'm so happy.

Is this Skimble Welsh? He has such a unique singing voice. The only thing that I remember is Tantomile looking through the junk likes to find somethibg to use for the train.

Demeter voice is absolutely incredible. She played the scared card throughout her solo, keeping a look around.

Misto. I love him. He's one of the characters very close to my heart, and he played him so well. A very happy and easily surprised Misto. With his fire magic tricks, I believe Alonzo begun to tease him, so I've of them was really close to him. Although Alonzo laughed it off.

Memory. I can't remember the actresses name..but wow. She can really sing. She has so much emotion.

Thu Aug 18, 2016 2:46 pm
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