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Post Carnes
Hey guys,

Welp, it ended up that (thanks to your help) I nearly got Jud. Key word is nearly. (As I was told, there was a huge fight about whether to put myself or another less talented kid in the role. Music director (the one who's a good friend of mine) wanted me. The director and her AD wanted the other guy. They chose him for some reason.). Yeah,as the title kinda alludes to, I got Carnes (my third choice. Ali was my second, but that went to a freshman with no previous acting/singing experience).

On the cast list I was listed as a minor character. Alarming, since I'm a huge part of the major subplot of the show. And, in the script, I've got huge parts of "The Farmer and The Cowman" to sing. But, as I've heard, they may be going the route of the '98 London Production, and giving that whole part over to Aunt Eller (which would piss me off real badly). So, I've got concerns on the front of me getting a hell of a lot less time on stage. And absolutely NO singing outside of the chorus. (Why would a lead be in the bloody chorus? 11 guys in the cast, 9 of them are in named roles. So, there's a need for all of us to sing as much as possible.) I'd bloody have a fit if that happened.

I know the basics of the character (shotgun wielding father, who's extremely protective of his daughter, and who hates Ali, and to an extent Will). But that's it. I've found nothing on characterization, or anything like that. Since he is apparently such a minor character, all the info I find online has said exactly what I already know. So that is mildly concerning.

Oh, and there's the little problem of Carnes being listed as a tenor. I'm not a tenor- nowhere near! I'm, at best, a bass-baritone. So a bit of a jump. I fit Jud's range ((D2 to Dâ™­4, baritone), very well. But Carnes is a completely different matter. He's listed as singing F3 to F4. An ENTIRE octave on the high end! And I have absolutely NO idea if I can even get that high. That MAY be a bit of a problem.

Any advice on this?

Fri Sep 19, 2014 3:16 pm
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