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Mozart vs. Mozart 
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Post Mozart vs. Mozart
That is, Mozart!, the 1999 Austrian musical, and Mozart, L'opéra Rock, the 2009 French musical. Both supposedly use modern music in Mozart's style. Not being overly versed on his works myself, I couldn't comment.

The first, has book and lyrics by Michael Kunze, and music by Sylvester Levay.
The second has lyrics by Vincent Baguian and Patrice Guirao, and music by Dove Attia, Jean-Pierre Pilot, Olivier Schultheis, William Rousseau, Nicolas Luciani, Rodrigue Janois, François Castello.

Listening to the recordings of both, I have to say I feel the Austrian version is far superior. While it does have Kunze/Levay stamped all over it (not really a bad thing), it works to tell a story, with noticeable emotion and character styles in the music.

Conversely, while the French one has a lot of very catchy songs, the multitude of writers comes through, with it sounding more like a collection of singles than a score, and (while I may have some bias not understanding a word of French) I could not discern the emotions intended in the music. It was all pretty much the same.

For me, it seems like a case of "Look how dramtic" vs. "Look how cool we are"


Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:22 pm
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Post Re: Mozart vs. Mozart
I think this was talked about somewhere in the mountainous Elisabeth thread, maybe it's about time that Mozart and Mozart! got their own thread.

Though Mozart! does have a lot of the Kunze/Levay tropes, which I think was detrimental to the problematic book, I also think that they married Mozart's style with modern music more successfully than the French project, which had the same objective but tried to achieve it through extensive sampling of the work and grafting said sampling on pop tunes. So Mozart! has the more unified, better-thought-out music.

That said, plotwise I think the two pieces try to achieve something quite different. Mozart! is more or less biographical piece in the strain of Elisabeth, whereas Mozart is a fictional account of Mozart going to France and having a grand old debauched time. It reminds me of Reynaldo Hahn's little-known operetta Mozart, which is more or less the same concept but less dirty. So one is a sprawling biography that has a lot of dead time, the other one is a raunchy pastiche. In terms of their respective concepts, Mozart ultimately succeeds. Mozart! needs more trimming and condenscion of plot.

Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:01 am
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Post Re: Mozart vs. Mozart
This is old.... Still. I have never been a Kunze and Levay fan but at least Mozart ! has a structure, quite good songs and correct lyrics (OK, if you forget the "ich weiss dass ich dir gehört seitdem ich dich sah.") Mozart l'opéra rock is very popular in France but I just can't get why. I honestly tried several time to listen to it cause I thought I was biased because the lyrics were in my mothertongue but the thing is the french lyrics are completely absurd. In fact, almost all french musical have poor lyrics and even poorer music...

Pardon my french.... I mean I'm really french. So don't hesitate to correct my mistakes !

And I do NOT eat frogs !

Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:28 am
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Broadway Legend

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Post Re: Mozart vs. Mozart
Modern French musicals do seem to have a certain sameness.

Mozart! does definitely have its flaws, structure wise, and I would love to see a good solid revision, since the revisions it has had don't seem to have really helped. At least I would like to see a complete recording. Or at least complete recording of Eine Ehrliche Familie.

Mozart (French) is a lot of fun, but unfortunately the score totally lacks structure and narrative, which renders it more a fun album, more than a musical.

Fri Apr 19, 2013 3:19 am
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