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Audition Questions...Help Please! :) 
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Post Audition Questions...Help Please! :)
Hey all...
My high school is putting on Guys and Dolls next year for our musical. I want to start preparing now. I have a few of questions, but first some basic info on me. (This is a pretty lengthy post, sorry!)

Sex: Female
Age: 16 (I'm going to be a junior in high school this upcoming school year)
Height: 5'7ish
Build: Slim
Eyes: Blue-Green
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
Other: I have braces. But should be getting them off sometime at the beginning of next school year, hopefully before auditions!!!!
Range: I've normally sung second-soprano/soprano in show choir, but have sung alto before. I'm going to say I'm a mezzo/soprano.

And some info about the other girls in my drama club:

Age Range: 14-18
There are about 2-3 senior girls I know who are definitely trying out. One will definitely get a lead part because she has the soprano voice of an angel. Then there are about 4 other juniors (like me) I know who are trying out. And about 6 or so sophomores, give or take a few. And then freshmen. Number undetermined yet. We just lost the powerhouse group of 5 or so senior girls who always got lead/parts to graduation. Only problem is there is some favortism in our drama club, especially to people who take voice lessons from our musical director. I know for sure that 2 of the girls in my grade take lessons from her. I can't, unfortnately. :?

Now on to my actual questions. I'd love some advice on whether to try out for Sarah or Adelaide. I'm leaning more toward Adelaide. Am I old enough to play either character? I think I am since the age range is 14-18, but I know they are older, especially Adelaide.

I am typically classified by my peers as the "nice", innocent girl, which would fit well with Sarah. But I am often casted in the more comedic, kooky roles, which would lend itself to Adelaide. I also have more acting experience, then singing since I have been in more plays versus musicals. Which I think is good for Adelaide because I feel like she requires more acting than Sarah. And a lot of our really good soprano singers aren't our best actors.

So who would you recommend I try out for? And for an audition for Adelaide, if they have you do a cold reading or sing her song do you recommend using an accent?

Finally, do any have info on the smaller girl parts? Like Agatha, Martha, and Matilda?

Thank you so much! And I am sorry this is so long. I just wanted to give as much info as possible! :)

Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:29 pm
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Fresh Face
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Post Re: Audition Questions...Help Please! :)
i say definitely try out for Adelaide because of your vocal range...and yeah use your accent at auditions. If they're auditioning you for Adelaide they'll definitely want to see an accent.
i don't know much about the smaller girl parts, but from what I remember they only have a few lines each. gooooodluck!:)

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Wed Sep 08, 2010 3:33 pm
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