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Fresh Face
Fresh Face

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I'm an advocate of "fuzzy logic". It's a mathematical principal for modeling real life phenomena which holds that most things in the world are not "either-or" situations. Nothing is black or white, but rather things are best modeled in "shades of gray". In other words, no one is all good or all bad but somewhere in between.

Also, the definition of the word "wicked" is up to speculation. I'm not even 100% sure what it is myself, considering the word wicked can be very bad or also very good.

I think the book Wicked and musical Wicked were created to prove this very concept as we look at the lives of people who were previously thought to be all good or all bad. We learn that in actuality those who appear to be good have done some bad things and those who appear to be wicked may have had good intentions.

The original question is an "either-or" statement and therefore can not be answered truthfully for a real life situation. "Are people born Wicked ? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?" Neither of these options is true for all cases. Some people may be born with a tendency to find happiness in others failures (a bit wicked perhaps) but they also may have very good traits like humility as well. Others may be born with mostly good traits but develop a sly or conniving attitude in order to survive.

So my answer is, both are true to varying degrees depending on the situation.

Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:46 am
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