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Underrated/Overrated Glinda's 
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Broadway Legend / MdN Veteran
Broadway Legend / MdN Veteran
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Megan Hilty's acting makes me want to slit someones throat. She is totally a muppet on crack. I feel like she doesn' get Galinda, she's just trying to be funny and play up to the audience. Shame on her!!

However: Lucy Durack = God. She is wonderful. Totally wonderful. Plus, she is probably the most beautiful person I have ever seen in real life. So nice :)

I'm playing BABETTE, bitches :-)

Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:01 pm
Supporting Player
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Megan Hilty-The girl needs to CALM DOWN! I saw her popular on youtube, I could feel my IQ lower...
Annaleigh Ashford- I like her voice and acting, but i hate the Legally Blonde fangirls going all OMG SHE WAS SO GOOD IN LEGALLY BLONDE! i LUV HER!!!1!111!!
Kendra Kassebaum- so I don't care about the whole alto thing and her voice is amazing, but she's um...a bit horny when she kinda creeps me out...not that I'm homophobic or anything...its just out of place. :oops: She needs to realize she's not in Rent anymore. Plus she's been in the show way too many times, she needs to give it a rest.

Katie Adams- I saw her on broadway as a standby and she was amazing, She had the right amount of dumb-blondeness and a really operatic voice for NOMTW.
Lindsay K Northern- Her voice is just really different from all the other glindas I've heard. I really like it. Very Maria-Sound of Music-like. Its really cool
Dianne Pilkington- okay i admit, at first, she was annoying (then I saw Megan Hilty clips) but she grew on me. I think the voice is charming now. Okay, okay, Her being in Les Mis did help change my mind a bit. Come isn't that cool, two Fantines on stage at once? If only Kevin Kern (final broadway Marius) was their fiyero, it would be even cooler.
Alli Muazey- I like, she's got the right balance of cute and perky. She's really funny without being over the top. I also support auburn haired glindas. =D>

I need to stop making Les Mis refrences in everything...I just made some in a Glinda forum... #-o

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Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:50 pm
Young Hoofer
Young Hoofer
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eesh... The two Glinda's I've seen have been amazing.. So I'll talk from watching onyoutube...
I'd have to say Megan Hilty, as much as I love her, she's over rated... But she IS awsome

Helen Dallimore
Sarah Earnshaw - London standby - and she's amazing, and lovely as well :)

olivia - livi from draytonnn

Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:28 am
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