Brigadoon Meg Brockie Audition
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Author:  jessiethesushi [ Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Brigadoon Meg Brockie Audition

Hello! So, I'm going to explain my situation:

I am an 8th grade female who goes to a private school. This year, my school is doing Brigadoon. We have many, many very good guys, but this year we only have two dependable and good high school girls. Usually with my school, if you are in High School and are fairly good, you'll get a speaking/singing part. However, because we only have two really good girls in high school this year, people in middle school may be open for parts. Now, here's the part where I might get hate, but I'm really not trying to brag, I'm just stating what I've been told by many people about my abilities. I've been in shows before, and recently was in To Kill a Mockingbird with a fairly big-time theater group as Scout, the lead role. I've been told my singing and acting skills are quite good, better then most adults, despite my being only 13. So, this year I was thinking about going for the supporting role of Meg Brockie. I don't want to tryout for a lead role, because a) I know I won't get Fiona or Jean or anything bigger because of my age and the two girls in high school and b) I don't want to seem like a try-hard. So, I think going for Meg is a pretty good idea, and my director told me I have a pretty good shot at it because of my talent and experience, but I had to impress. I believe that playing Meg would be amazing, as I consider myself a character actress so I like to play parts that are opposite of me. (From what I read and researched, Meg is very flirtatious and bubbly, whereas I in real life am quite studious and realistic). I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice for me and just feedback in general? The auditions won't be for about a month I think, as school just got out and we usually hold our auditions in the summer anyway, but I will let you guys know what happens! Thank you so much for reading!! \:D/

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