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Show ideas? We need to have next season planned out soon! 
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Post Show ideas? We need to have next season planned out soon!
It's about that time again. Time to pick the shows for our next season. We don't have a very large musical theater program so we generally we have the same group of students to pick from year after year. In our school you're either amazing or terrible...there's really not an in-between. Big ensemble songs generally are a bad thing here. Our ensemble is never fabulous, but we usually go for the biggest one we can have to pull in an audience.

We basically have 4 candidates for leading girls.

1. Soprano... She's absolutely amazing! Great tone quality. Easily the best singer in the school. Can belt pretty well for a soprano. Was most recently Sandy in Grease and Olive in Spelling Bee. Great dancer, good actress too, but has a very sweet demeanor so I'm not too sure how she could pull off anything villian-like.

2. Another Soprano or Mezzo... Has a good choir-type voice but sometimes has trouble holding her own in duets. Quiet, but still a nice voice. Sometimes has an airy texture to it though. Previously Logainne in Spelling Bee and Amneris in AIDA. Decent dancer, decent actress and definitely too nice (the sassy attitude of Amneris was not done very well)

3. Alto... REALLY LOUD which is good at times, but she does have a tendency to drown out everyone else. She's a good singer, but she purposely tries to out-volume everyone else on stage. Not very good when it comes to switching into he head voice...theres an obvious transition and she gets really quiet. Was previously Rona in Spelling Bee and Nehebka in AIDA. Has lots of sass but not a good dancer, and plump.

4. I'm a Mezzo generally I can belt up to a C5 before I switch to my head voice... I think I'm definitely a stronger Alto than a soprano but my range goes up to a high C6 (that's only because I haven't attempted any higher, nor do I plan to any time soon). I'm still pretty new at this, just started last season. Decent dancer, I don't catch on too quickly but once I do I'm just fine. Previously Mitch Mahoney in Spelling Bee (I know its a man but we had no other option, it had to be transposed for me to be able to sing Prayer though) and Aida in AIDA.

We have other decent girls who could possibly do supporting roles but for leads this is pretty much it.

For guys we don't have much to choose from. We barely have enough guys for the ensemble.

1. Tenor... Has a pretty good range, can hit a B5 without being in falsetto. Has a rocker quality to him, probably wouldn't be able to pull off anything with a more classical vibe (something like Les Mis) but was perfect for his role of Radames in AIDA. Not very loud, but can hold his own pretty well in duets and catches on really quickly. Good actor too.

2. Another tenor... Good range, probably the same as guy number one. A very classic Broadway kind of voice. Wouldn't be very fantastic in a rock musical. Very loud singer. FABULOUS actor, probably our best. He's a sophomore though so his voice is almost fully developed but not yet completely (cracks sometimes, but rarely) . He's also very small and scrawny. Still hasn't hit his growth spurt, wouldn't be able to pull off anything too manly. Previous roles, Chip in Spelling Bee and was in Godspell (sang "We Beseech Thee").

3. Bass/Baritone... Deep speaking voice, sometimes sounds very monotone. Good singer, good actor. Really big (not fat, just tall and buff). Previously Kenickie in Grease and Pharoah in AIDA.

4. Baritone/Tenor... Great voice! Could easily pull off either a classic or a rock type of musical. Can't sing as high as 1 and 2 but his voice is very versatile. He's going to be a freshman (but he's tall for his age) so he never was in a show before, strictly choir so we're not too sure how he can act yet but we expect great things from him.

That's pretty much it for boys...I can't even think of anyone else who could even pull off a supporting lead now that our seniors are gone...

So as you can see...this is where we run into a dilemma. We don't have much to choose from, but our few options are great. I just need some ideas to run by the school for next season. I'm not into pre-casting, but it's good to know what we have to work with and what some possibilities are. If you have any ideas please help!


PS: We're also all caucasian. Not racist at all or anything...we just live in a rural area with only like 2 African Americans in the entire school who are not interested in the theater department.

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Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:27 pm
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Chorus Member

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If the rights are available, [title of show] would be a good idea. 2 females; 2 males, and not much set.

Other options:
Clue: The Musical
Little Shop of Horrors
Assassins (you'd need about 13-14 people, though, I believe)
The Last 5 Years
Avenue Q (if the rights are available)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Hello Again
A Class Act
Bright Lights, Big City (about 12 people)
Songs for a New World
A...My Name is Alice (all female)
Triumph of Love
Lucky Stiff
Nunsense A-Men
Zanna, Don't
The Fantasticks
Once On This Island
I Love You Because
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
A New Brain
By Jeeves
A Year With Frog and Toad
A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine
The Rink
70 Girls 70
John & Jen
Ain't Misbehavin'
Forever Plaid
On the Record
Marry Me a Little
Sondheim on Sondheim
A Catered Affair
The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Gutenberg, the Musical
Saved, the Musical
Coraline, the Musical
Closer Than Ever
Hedwig & the Angry Inch
Side By Side By Sondheim
The World Goes 'Round
Aspects of Love
The Boy From Oz
High Fidelity
Kiss of the Spider-Woman
Really Rosie
She Loves Me
Dear Edwina
Starlight Express
Anyone Can Whistle


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Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:39 pm
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Post Re: Show ideas? We need to have next season planned out soon
[Title of Show] was on top off my list to but in way it let out half off youre cast and its maybe not a good idea. But its still a fun and amucing musical.

You dont tell how good dancers you are or have many people youll have for the ensamble parts but a scaled down Wicked might be something to look into if the rights are out yet. Maybe Mamma Mia (2 girls and 3 boys in the leading parts) could be worth a look to.

And remember you can scale down most shows by letting the casts do more than one part, Ive even seen a youtube clip with part of Cats being done on four actors :sick: [-( so I guess everything is doable.

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Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:35 am
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