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Overrated actors 
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Post Re: Overrated actors
Salome wrote:
its funny how your freinds all know Brightman who did 3 roles in musical theatre 20 years ago..all for her ex husband..but they dont know people like bernadette petrs, patti lupone,elain stritch or sutton lwho have done t.v. film, stage and recording.

Even if she didn't do much work she still made a huuuge name, and a lot of the single performances that my friends have seen have involved her. Most of them aren't big musical fans, so they wouldn't know a lot of actors, unless they've been overexposed to them, and then they tend to assume they're automatically amazing.

Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:20 am
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Post Re: Overrated actors
I'm really tired of hearing about how A-MAZING Willemijn Verkaik apparently is. I'm no Wicked fan, but I do like Defying Gravity. But evey damn video of a performance I watch on YouTube, there's always a comment or two about how Willemijn is so much better. There's nothing wrong with her voice, I just fail to find anything unique or interesting about it. But what do I know, I'm no vocal expert.

Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:07 pm
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Post Re: Overrated actors
More than a year since the last post... anyways... I will post here.

I don't intend to offend anyone. I will only tell my opinion and I know there's a difference between opinion and fact.

As for females... I think Idina Menzel and Willemijn Verkaik are both unbelievable boring. I'm only a half Wicked fan and definitely no Elphaba fan (again only an opinion) but that has nothing to do with my opinion about these actresses. I don't think they're bad or anything like that but simply boring. I see nothing special about them. There might be something but I just don't see/hear it.

Patti LuPone. Yes! I don't want to bash her and I am not a hater. But whenever I see/hear her I think "oooh... actually... rather nice" for about a... minute? And then she freaks out and everything is the way it was before. I've tried to like her, but it didn't succeed. I first got to know her as Norma Desmond. I've heard some Sunset songs I rather liked and bought the OLC - and was sooo disappointed. I got used to her Norma, though. Still, she never won me over. I simply don't get why she gets worshipped like that. She seems to be very aggressive as a singer and actress (and obviously as a person, too) but I see more drama than actual emotion. But I understand why she has so many fans. She is strong. But I still think she's overrated.

This is not a "dislike" but an "overrated" thread, so I can include an actress I actually like. In fact, I absolutely adore Sierra Bogges. And I think she deserves her success and I love both her singing and acting. But she is overrated. Definitely. I mean, why does almost everyone call her the best Christine? 1. there is no such thing, there simply is no "best Christine" and 2. if there was something like that, then why Sierra? Why? There are soooo many good Christines. My favourite is Anna O'Byrne, closely folloed by Claire Moore. But I would never call them the best Christines. So why her? She is lovely (in my opinion) but far from perfect and I think she was nice but not really impressive in her other roles.

as for males... I'm not sure... maybe John Barrowman, nothing wrong with him, but I don't get the whole obsession about him. And I don't like the German actor Thomas Borchert. Everyone loves him, but I don't. :P

But what I want to say is:

In what way is Sarah Brightman overrated? Overrated people are liked by too many people and apparently noone (at least in musical theatre) seems to like her. It's a late answer, but Sarah played more than the three plays during her marriage with ALW. Not much more, but more. Anyways. I think she is neither a good actress nor an impressive singer. I like her as a musician. As a Classical Crossover artist. At least her older works from the 90s. I also like her in her ALW plays. I don't think she got her roles because she slept with him (though it might have helped), rather because he was obsessed with her. And I really like her as Jemima in CATS, he had a very fitting voice. And I think some of her CDs are pretty good. Still, I don't think she's amazing or anything like that. She is rather mediocore (close to good in singing, close to bad in acting) and I know many better performers, but I think she gets to much hate.

As for Elaine Paige... I don't know what I think of her. Do I like her? She isn't that strong. OK, she's my favourite Grizabella (I also love Angelika Milster, Rosemarie Ford and Laurie Beechman) and my favourite Evita. I don't care what others think. But I see something weird about her. I don't know what. I know her singing isn't that good, but I like the sound of her voice, even though I might be the only person in the world. I have mixed feelings about her. But I rather like her, I think. I like her in other roles, too. I don't think she's overrated. Most people don't like her.

Sutton Foster. Well, I'm totally in live with her. I LOVE her as Reno in Anything Goes and I think she is very charming and I can't stop listening to/watching her Blow, Gabriel, Blow.

I like Kristin Chenoweth. She is different and I like that. I'm bored of 0815 performers... (*cough* Idina *cough*)

I hope noone will feel offended because of the things I have said.


Thu May 08, 2014 10:48 am
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