R&H Musicals - in a single sentence!
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Author:  darb02 [ Sun Jun 20, 2010 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  R&H Musicals - in a single sentence!

OK friends, I need your help! I teach a musical theatre class and want to come up with some simple, fun, and clever summaries of R*H musicals for quizzes/tests (and to have a straightforward way for students to remember the plots to more obscure shows like Allegro).

There are two directions you can go -- FOR EXAMPLE, one answer to Oklahoma would be ...

"A box social goes bad when two men fight (with amazing choreography!) for a girl they both love."

This obviously is a very pithy summary of the plot.

However, you could also say

"The Golden Age sprung to live in 1943 when Laurie and Curly got caught up in the exuberant American west, courtesy of Rodgers and Hammerstein."

This focuses more on the historical context and names of characters and collaborators. Anything is fair game!

Please be clever, be punny, just don't be (too) dirty! ;-) Give me one or give me a dozen, I'll use them all!

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