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Okay, I know this is a lot of questions, so I don't expect everyone to know the answer to everything, but hopefully the responses will add up. A friend of mine wants to direct her first musical and she has her heart set on Beauty and the Beast. I realize it's not the easiest choice for a first show, but there's no dissuading her. She's not connected to any school or company. It's simply because she wants the experience. She's also very reliable, so I trust that she'll make it happen even if it is her first time (if she has the right resources, that is). I am going to help her produce it and I have questions about funding (it's non-profit). We are starting from scratch, remember.

-How do you know how much money you need to earn (since venues and licensing companies don’t tell you ahead of time)? I know it depends on the number of shows, ticket prices, etc., but we can't confirm auditions without a license and we can't pay for a license if we don't even have an idea of how much we need to earn. We're thinking four shows with $10 tickets (unless you recommend anything different). So at most, what is your best guess for the licensing fee?

-How can we ask for donations and should we get them before or after we get the license? My concern is that we won't have enough donations in the end and we'd have to figure out how to pay everyone back.

-Is there a way to find rehearsal space without paying rent? If so, how?

-If you've directed Beauty and the Beast, how much was the total cost (or your best guess from what you remember), including what you got in donations?

-How much, at the most, does it cost to hire/rent/buy: set designers, lighting designers, royalties for each performance, scripts, script shipping, lighting equipment, sound equipment (including mics), rehearsal space, space security deposit, space insurance, space custodian/manager, performance venue for each performance, publicity, ticket printing, and program printing?

-Do you have any advice for first-time directors and producers who are trying to fund shows like Beauty and the Beast?

Thank you!

Wed Oct 28, 2015 11:51 pm
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