Beast's voice -- Make your production truly magical!
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Author:  Hammond [ Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Beast's voice -- Make your production truly magical!

Show this to your sound designer!

If you've seen the Disney movie, you soon saw that a great deal of Beast's aura and power comes from his low-pitched voice. It was done by Robby Benson, whose voice was altered by a device called a pitch shifter. I received a message from a tech whose show did this setup (it's not difficult). Their school has parents attend free the night of final dress. He reported that the voice so amazed the parents that they spread the word to their friends, and the school had the highest turnout for a show in its history. That's the reward for doing it right.

If you're interested, PM me and I'll show you how to do it, and I'll tell you a very important piece of info about working with the effect so that it will knock your audience out of their chairs.

Giving your Beast that Disney-quality low voice is just like sprinkling real fairy dust on your production. No other effect will do it, not reverb, echo, distortion, or heavy equalizer settings. All any of them do is make Beast hard-to-impossible to understand and does not achieve the hugeness his voice must have. The lowest natural voice doesn't achieve what doing it this way does. If it did, Disney, who can get any voice they choose, would have used a naturally super-low voice. But they didn't; they did it this way!

Please realize I'm sharing, not selling. I can tell you how to get the use of a pitch shifting device for free or for a very small price. There are catalog music stores and recording studios all over the country who will send you one to use in exchange for an ad in your program.
If you're a sound designer, you may know someone who has one or you may have one yourself. Creating the effect is easy, and there are two important (and easy) techniques you need to employ to make this work. I'll tell you about them in my return PM to you!

I'm sharing this open secret ('open' because a lot of shows have used this at the high school level, and all the pro versions use it) because of the difference it will make.

You'll be astonished and very, very happy if you use this technique for Beast, and he will kiss your feet!


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