To Audition or Not to Audition?
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Author:  Bway2be [ Wed Apr 28, 2010 10:39 am ]
Post subject:  To Audition or Not to Audition?

So, I figured that since all of you Beauty and the Beast people love BATB as much as I do, you might be able to offer me guidance on whether or not audition for a production near me. The auditions probably won't be until late August, so I don't have to decide right now by any means, and I can change my mind at any time, but I figured I'd put it out there.

I'm a sixteen-year-old girl finishing my sophomore year of high school. Beauty and the Beast is the first professional musical I ever saw (when I was seven in second grade, I believe), and though I wasn't obsessed with it then, Belle has always been my favorite Disney princess. Recently, I rediscovered it, and well, I've been obsessed. I frequently look up videos on Youtube, and I constantly sing Belle's songs to myself. I've been dying to see a production of it and have been dying even more for a production opportunity to come nearby (we were about to do it my freshman year of high school but we didn't because another school nearby was also doing it-probably a good thing, due to the politics and my being a freshman at the time).

Well, I recently looked up online to see if any places near me were doing it, and it turns out a local youth theatre is probably doing it, but the thing is, it's VERY big (100+ per cast), and I've heard mixed opinions on their productions qualities (which I'm not judging until I see one myself). At any rate, ever since I've been exposed to very good theatre experiences, I'm always skeptical about doing things where I don't think I can learn as much as I could, and with the number of people in the cast, I've heard they don't always focus on everyone equally...sometimes ensemble members get looked over so that they can concentrate on the leads. Also, rehearsals would be at the same time as another theatre I'm active at. While I could do both, as one boy I know does (he comes to the early part of rehearsals at the BATB theatre on Saturdays, then comes to my theatre for those rehearsal, then goes BACK to the first one), it would be stressful, you know (though I can probably hitch a ride with him)?

I'm looking at Belle (no surprises there, huh?), which I think I am a very good match for: although I am short, I also have curly brown hair, and I definitely really look like her (and I'd like to say I'm pretty, no conceit meant, haha). In addition, I also have a very similar voice...a bright soprano with a lyrical quality, though I also have a strong belt/mix. I also deeply resonate with Belle in personality, as, not only am I a big reader (what initially drew me to Belle back when I was a little girl), but I think people think of me as "odd" too; I always have my head in the clouds, and I know that whenever I walk around school, I have a similar expression to Belle during "Belle" does, as I daydream about theatre and whatnot. Whenever I'm feeling lonely, I turn on "Belle" and it makes me feel better. I simply love Belle.

Obviously, if I were to audition, I would accept any role, as I think there are SO many fun roles in BATB; I adore the Silly Girls, as well as Babette, Madame de la Grande Bouche (I don't feel completely right for Mrs. Potts-I guess I feel too young, but of course I'd play it!), and I also think being a plate or something would be lots of fun. :) And I have plenty of time to play Belle in the future! However, I am worried about how much individual attention/the learning experience I would gain in a 100+ person ensemble...being a quieter person from a small school, it would take a lot to get used to! While I am not worried about the competition I would get in auditioning because I am confident in my talents and have strong training for my age, I am worried that, since I have done nothing at this theatre, it's a very distinct possibility that for political reasons, they might instead cast someone they've worked with before, instead of a newbie like me.

Anyway, so what do you think...audition for a dream role/show at a company I'm a bit "iffy" about or just stick to what I know?

Author:  superwickedfan33 [ Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:27 pm ]
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Here's what I would think about before making your final decision:

1. What kind of age group is the production company geared toward? If it's an adult geared company I would pass this one up. It's very unlikely that the director would choose someone who is 16 over someone who is a bit older.

2. What were their past production like? How was it received by the public? What was the quality of the production?

Your answers to these questions will help you decide.

On another note, there is a professional production that has been put together by NetWorks. They got the original team that worked on the Broadway production back together to put the new show together. It's not AMAZING, but it is good. I would check out their website and decide for yourself. The show is touring the US, so depending on where you live, it will or already have come to your city.

Author:  Bway2be [ Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:24 pm ]
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1.) It's youth theatre, so ages 8-18.
2.) I've heard lots of mixed reviews about this, but I'm going to one of their productions in May, so I'll post more about that after I see it.

And thanks for the info about the tour! I haven't been able to find whether it's coming near me, but I've heard good things, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

Author:  nguy3ntrungkien [ Fri Apr 30, 2010 11:47 pm ]
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