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Belle Age? (and audition advice?) 
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Tony Winner
Tony Winner

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I'm echoing Beagle in a possibly extraneous post, but you might be passed over if you appear significantly younger than the guy they've got pegged for Beast. I think they'd tend to favor a man with vocal maturity (a la how Terrance Mann sounded), and that usually tends to mean he's not too too young. Yeah, he's in the Beast getup most of the show, but to me he still must have the presence of a man in his late 20s / early 30s.

So they might not cast a particularly teenage-looking Belle with the chemistry between her and Beast in mind. Unfortunately, audition panels in more adult settings have a good idea if they want you for a role as soon as you step in the door. Sometimes even a spectacular voice won't win them over if you don't fit their preconceived image.

Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:53 am
Fresh Face
Fresh Face

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k, thanks.

Yeah... the thing I'm worried about is this 1 girl that got Dorothy a few years ago (at like...13?) her mom plays a big role in the running of the theatre. She beat out a bunch of older girls with much more talent... So I'm afraid that if she auditions, she will get it. even though she's only 15 now :cry:

Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:25 am
Chorus Member
Chorus Member

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just a couple of notes:

1) As long as you don't look ridiculously young so that it becomes distracting its fine. In terms of the story the Beast should probably be in his late twenties so having a Belle 16 isnt that much of a stretch. The only time they will see you together (and by that I mean Prince and Belle when the guy isn't under all that makeup) is at the end. At that stage in the proceedings as long as you have sung and acted the role well no one is gonna go HEY SHE'S TOO YOUNG! Go for it and be sure to post back how you did.

2) Regarding 'Home' it ain't a belt fest. I have seen and heard too many Belle's sing it beautifullyl until the key change at "and to think I complained of that dull provincial tone" at which point Captain Belt takes the helm and it all goes to pot. If you got a solid belt fine some belting is definetly the order of the day but don't do it too much that you lose the meaning of the song. It is Belle at her most vulnerable and scared after all.

3. On your concern of the other girl two things. First I feel your pain. I got passed up for Le Fou for someone who didn;t even audition for it and didn't even do it very well (according to people other than those who wanted me) but honestly there is nothing you can do about that so you just gotta be the best Belle that you can be on audition day and hope for the best. If its a production worth being in with a cast team who want the best shoiw possible the best person will get it irrespective of any other factors. Secondly, forget everyone else who is auditioning you do Belle how you see the character, everyone else is irelevant.

and finally, good luck!

Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:34 am
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