Phantom of the Opera Medley?
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Author:  ewells502 [ Tue Sep 20, 2016 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Phantom of the Opera Medley?

Hey all, first time post here so bare with me... this may be very rough.

ANYWAYS... I'm currently obsessing over Phantom of the Opera yet again after seeing it live for the first time last May, and I've been craving the chance to perform as Erik. (Funny story, my name is Eric so therefor I HAVE to play the Phantom ;P). At my school we have a large group speech team, which gives people like us to express ourselves in many different categories like musical theater, short film, one act plays, improv, exposition, readers theater, and many more...

The Musical Theater category does have some rules though, as they all do. The rules go like this:

- Only one table and 5 chairs are allowed
- No props
- No costuming
- Max amount of 6 people in group
- No longer than 10 minutes (every 30 seconds over time docks I believe 5 points)

Now, I've done a lot of looking into trying to find a medley that goes together for something like this, and I found something that may work. ... ic/3030102

This is a medley arranged by Ed Lojeski, and does a very good job of linking all these songs together. However, it is a choral piece and will have to be brought down to maybe... four people? Shouldn't be that big of an issue from what I can tell. The only real issue that I can find is that the music claims it sits around 10:45, and all the recordings I can find last around 11:00. That's obviously no bueno, so I was thinking maybe I could try speeding it up? Or cutting out a bit of "All I Ask of You" which runs a little long in my opinion...

Anywhooo, I'd appreciate any feedback I could get. Any bit helps, I suppose!

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