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OT: Why is America in LOVE with anarchy? 
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Post OT: Why is America in LOVE with anarchy?
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

I am a Democrat, but an extremely conservative Democrat, and, these days, the Extreme Left within these United States of Anarchy (I will NEVER call this country America AGAIN...unless it ever again RESEMBLES the United States of America) is making me feel triggered by the fact that this world even EXISTS!

Along those lines, I have a few questions for everyone:

* Why is it EVIL to be Caucasian, and why are you considered to be The Devil's Spawn if your hair happens to be blond and your eyes happen to be blue? I couldn't change my race if I WANTED to, and I am NOT spray-tanning my skin and dying my hair black in order to please other people. My eyes are already brown, so I get 1/3 of "The Politically Correct Racial Makeup Pass" for that one!

* Why are The United States of Anarchy's ONLY heroes those people who throw broken bottles at cops during rallies? I'll bet that the anarchists get MORE coverage this year than our Gold Medal OLYMPIANS!

* Why are extreme acts of violence CELEBRATED when they are perpetuated against certain people (Ie: Cops, men, Caucasians, etc.), even if those people did NOTHING to INCITE violence against them? It's just so cool to spend thousands at Party City if three anti-abortionists are killed, isn't it?

* Why can't people at LEAST admit that Trump IS right about anarchy being a bad thing in The United States of Anarchy? I don't want him as our next president, but he IS right about this country being in TOTAL CHAOS right now!

* What's so socially IMPORTANT about wearing a pair of thongs and tape over the centers of your boobs that an entire social MOVEMENT must be built around it? Women DIED trying to escape from TRUE misogyny, the misogyny of Max Blanc, during the March 25th Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1911, a fire that would've melted the tape right off of the boobs of today's "Pretty White Kids With Problems"! Wearing surgical tape over your boobs...and a thong never prevented any rape in any case that I ever heard tell about!

* Why can't people in The United States of Anarchy just admit that it's a biological FACT that it takes TWO people to create a baby, because each one involved THEIR body with SOMEONE ELSE'S?

* Why do all of today's animated Disney movies HAVE to be about a girl and a guy who use the HECK out of each other during a boring road trip, only to artificially "fall in love," only because, you know, it's a DISNEY movie? GAG me! Tiana and Naveen USED each other. Rapunzel and Flynn USED each other; she was all Estrogen (Not one thought that wasn't based upon frantic irrationality)...and nothing more, and HE was a placating horndog. Anna and Kristoff USED each other, and HE was a misogynist! Somebody call Bernard and Bianca, so that TODAY'S Disney Company can be shown how it's DONE, already! You already KNOW that "Moana" is going to be about a hormonal (Read Disney's code word for "hormonal and irrational": "FEISTY!") princess with Daddy Issues...and the Hawaiian version of a classic, 0-brain-cells college fraternity playboy! Good GOD! I'm almost afraid to set foot in the theatre!

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
The Duchess of Mint
(The Original Lone Wolf)
OPINION: Mitt Romney is "that wicked plastic man!"

Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:42 pm
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Post Re: OT: Why is America in LOVE with anarchy?
Not anarchy.
At least when the more sensible see it as to what we see in the Sudan, where the one with the most guns wins...and commits genocide.

We have always been a nation that has loved "defiance." To which we attribute as a way of standing up for oneself. Push me...and I push back...

When one objectively looks at anarchy, all we really see is dystopia.

Sun Aug 14, 2016 6:50 am
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