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OT: A Creepypasta: The Girl Who Looked Like Kira! 
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Post OT: A Creepypasta: The Girl Who Looked Like Kira!
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

Some of you might be familiar with the Jim Henson puppet fantasy movie, "The Dark Crystal" (1982). The main character's traveling companion in the movie is a female Gelfling named Kira (Why do I ALWAYS think of Barbie's discontinued Asian friend whenever I hear that name? :lol:)

Well, ANYWAY, DON'T read any further, unless you have already seen the movie, because this Creepypasta relates to SPOILERS:

THE CREEPYPASTA: The Girl Who Looked Like Kira

When the movie was released, there was a girl who looked SO much like Kira that everyone from her school sort of looked at her differently after they had seen the movie. Her name was Kimbry Shoemaker, and she looked JUST...LIKE...KIRA...what with her hair, her skin, her face, her body shape, her voice, and even the odd shape of her ears. This girl was a super smart Sagittarius, and she turned 17 on December 13...12 days before Christmas; she was younger than her other Senior year classmates, and she was TOTALLY unpopular!

In fact, people HATED the poor girl. Ever since she had been a Freshman, she had dealt with SO much cruelty on SO many occasions. She had suffered in the following ways:

* Her locker was broken into on so many occasions, and, on so many mornings, she'd find her belongings smeared with baby food, yogurt, wet Jello powder, conditioner, makeup, peanut butter, jam, and more...
* Feminine care products were stolen from her on random days, so that, every so often, she wouldn't have them when she really needed them; she took to hiding them in her jacket pockets, etc.
* Her face was shoved into a stopped-up sink-full of urine.
* Her clothes were stolen, and put into the shower during Gym class, so that they'd be wet when she went to put them back on.
* She was beaten up one day after school by a bully and her friends, and the bully,Tricia, was actually the most popular, pretty girl in the school; she was taking her rage out on Kimbry, because her boyfriend had told her to stop making cruel remarks about the poor girl already. He was sick of hearing about Kimbry.
* She was routinely tripped on her way into classrooms.
* When her Freshman picture was about to be taken, a cruel classmate who thought that she looked weird told her that some guy was about to yell. Kimbry plugged her ears, and the other girl took out a pair of hair-cutting scissors, and chopped Kimbry's hair in the front, making it look super bad for the picture.
* Her underwear was stolen one day during Gym, so that she had to re-dress anyway, and walk around for the rest of the day looking like an immodest fool.
* She was shoved into the guys' bathroom on more than one occasion.
* Tricia, who was, unfortunately, the same age as Kimbry, approached her around her 16th Birthday with a group of her (Tricia's) friends, "apologized" for having ever been cruel to her, said that she had a Birthday gift for her, told her to open her hands and close her eyes, took hold of her shoulders, and smashed her up against the wall of one of the buildings with force, sending her to the hospital. Remarkably, Kimbry LIED to her family, claiming that she had fallen when she had tripped on something on the ground. After that, Kimbry suffered from bad headaches, and from lapses in her memory.
* Fish eyes were put into her water container during Gym.
* A Senior boy invited her to the prom when she was 15-going-on-16, and he behaved as though he really, REALLY liked her. She fell for him, and then, right when they got to the gym door on Prom night, he kissed her really intimately, ripped her dress something awful around the neckline, and shoved her to the ground, saying that his REAL girlfriend, who was from another high school, had agreed to meet him there, but that he was going to "save her from having to look at [Kimbry's] ugly face." Kimbry tried to walk home, but a Junior girl, who had been stood up, drove her home; that girl wasn't able to become Kimbry's friend, though, as she moved away less than a month later. Besides, during the drive, she had said something like, "If they knew that I wasn't driving away ALONE, they'd have my hide, 'cause they HATE YOU! I just feel SORRY for you, so, SURE, I'LL take ya' home."
* Someone dropped a fizzing substance into the toilet when they saw that she was walking into a certain stall, and when she chose a different stall, they dumped an entire bottle of water right on top of her, WHILE she was sitting in there!
* Someone replaced her sandwich with an extremely spicy sandwich, and they stole her water container.
* Someone rubbed something slippery all over her Homeroom chair, so that she had to stop herself from falling when she tried to sit down.

During the early part of the 1982 / 1983 school year, a brand new Senior transfer named Milton "Milt" Jordan dared to speak to Kimbry, and she decided that she liked him! They began meeting during lunch, and, soon, Milt was hated, too, but he simply agreed to meet her privately, and, soon, they were having dates at Kimbry's house. It was all very weird, with her parents there, but they both felt safe, and so, the dates continued, with "Goodnight" kisses being shared outside of a closed front door, and with some trust being granted by the girl's parents.

When the ads for "The Dark Crystal" appeared, the other students became even MORE cruel. They began saying how ugly both Kira AND Kimbry were, and some of the boys discovered that even though Milt wasn't speaking to her during class, he was going to see her; they beat him up something awful after school one day, and, when Kimbry's parents had to hide him at the house, just so that they could try to mend his wounds, they told the two that their relationship would have to end, for the physical safety of BOTH of the kids.

When MILT'S parents realized what had been happening, and what had just happened to HIM, they moved him out of the town, and he was only able to make a quick promise to Kimbry: He'd contact her once she was out of high school, and they'd be together again someday.

By the time that Kimbry's 17th Birthday was near, Milt had ALREADY written to her, saying that he was the most popular guy at his new school, and that all of the girls were talking to him. Kimbry kept believing in his promise, but she felt sad.

On Kimbry's actual 17th Birthday (A Monday), all of the others refused to speak to her, to look at her, or to even acknowledge her in any way. After school, Kimbry emerged from the restroom to wait for her mother to pick her up from school. She thought that she heard someone crying, so she walked in the direction of the sound, only to be greeted at the back of the bathroom building by Tricia, who first threw a small cake directly at her face, and who THEN punched her belly forcefully, and threw her down, slamming her head against the ground, so that her mother had to FIND her, and rush her to the hospital. She was wearing a real crystal pendant that Milt had given her before he'd moved away, but Tricia had ripped it from around her neck, and stolen it.

When she awoke in the hospital, Kimbry IMMEDIATELY felt for her necklace...and panicked! She screamed about Milt, about the attack, and about the necklace, but she REFUSED to tell anybody WHO had attacked her. During a rather dark moment, she said, "Karma will have her way someday, either helpfully, or cruelly."

Fortunately, she was out of the hospital by Thursday evening, and, mysteriously enough, the extremely scratched crystal necklace was...AROUND HER NECK once more.

She went with her parents to see "The Dark Crystal" when it opened...on Friday, December 17, and she LOVED the movie, but she wished that her own hero had been there to see the movie with her.

That year's Christmas was quiet...and Kimbry was allowed to just do homework and schoolwork at home until February 7; a tutor came to her house to help her.

On Tuesday, February 1, her tutor was ill, and so she couldn't come to help her. Kimbry's parents were out shopping, and she was sitting at her desk, dreaming about Milt, when she heard a knock at the back door. She went to answer the door, thinking that MILT had somehow returned to town unexpectedly, but she was met by a shove that sent her flying down to the laundry room floor. She tried to stand, but Tricia shoved her back down, yelling at her for being "a spoiled little brat," and "a holier than thou b*tch".

Tricia dragged Kimbry to her room, closed the bedroom door, slammed the poor girl's head against the floor, ordered her to get up onto the bed, sat her up, slammed her head against the headboard until Kimbry lost consciousness, slammed her head against the headboard 20 more times, ripped the necklace from her neck again, slammed it against the wall until it broke, slashed Kimbry's face with it, and tied her hands together with the cord to which the crystal was tied. She then typed a suicide note on Kimbry's typewriter, and she fled on her bike.

This was her final act of cruelty against Kimbry, because she was going to become a town martyr, anyway, with her sweet face and her perfect, golden blonde hair. They'd all forget about that weird, platinum blonde girl forever!

Unbelievably, Kimbry regained consciousness during her parents' long shopping trip. She somehow left her bed, fetched a utility knife from her bedside nightstand, slashed the cord that bound her hands, retied the necklace about her neck, and realized that her face had been hurt. She tried to make her way from her room to the bathroom, but, just within her own doorway, she collapsed, dying from the initial brain injury that had been aggravated, and then re-aggravated.

Her parents returned home within five minutes of the tragedy to find her dead, her face slashed, her belly and head bruised, and her hand around the necklace that she loved so much. They couldn't stop crying, and they had to TELL themselves to call an ambulance, which, once it had arrived, couldn't get her to the hospital in time to somehow make her come back to life, anyway.

The entire town behaved strangely. Some people pretended that they had LIKED Kimbry. Tricia claimed that she had been feeling GUILTY about her behavior towards Kimbry. The suicide note, which Kimbry HERSELF had been too injured to notice, was BELIEVED by EVERYONE, INCLUDING the girl's inconsolable PARENTS. They reasoned that she'd slammed her head against her headboard because she secretly KNEW that Milt WASN'T ever going to come back to her, that he had more than likely found a new girlfriend.
Milt was never informed by Kimbry's parents about her death.

What happened to Tricia? Well, it turns out that she was pregnant with her OWN boyfriend's baby, and that she'd just realized that she was probably pregnant. She had TWO motives for beating Kimbry up so badly. First, she wanted to use the stress to abort the baby. Secondly, she wanted to cause brain damage to Kimbry, at the very LEAST, so that she could punish her boyfriend for "knocking her up" by running away and trying to seduce Milt, WITHOUT any interference from her boyfriend, Milt, OR Kimbry!

Well, she realized that she was still pregnant, so she told her boyfriend that she'd "get [him] into big trouble" if he didn't pay for the abortion. He had his older brother sell some drugs in order to pay for the operation, which was performed during a "date", and then, a few days later, she really beat herself up good, and she "got her boyfriend into big trouble" ANYWAY, accusing him of rape, and then sneaking away in the night, riding away with a stranger, dying her hair black along the way, and making her way to Milt's new town.

She changed her name to Alexis, and she got a really deep tan, tried to lose a little more weight, and adopted an accent. When she began hanging around Milt's new school, she told him that she'd been expelled from school, but that if Milt would help her to catch up, she could still be educated..."like [him]". He wanted her, so he agreed to her idea, and, soon, he was ditching class to make her dream come true. She had conned her way into living with an apartment owner for favors, and she frequently snuck Milt into her apartment.

Karma had its way one day, though. During December of 1983, the two of them were walking night on an incredibly icy sidewalk, when they suddenly slipped, hitting both of their heads with force. Milt went to the hospital, and he recovered, but Tricia died from brain injuries.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
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Sun Dec 06, 2015 5:35 am
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Post Re: OT: A Creepypasta: The Girl Who Looked Like Kira!
The Duchess of Mint wrote:
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

Some of you might be familiar with the Jim Henson puppet fantasy movie, "The Dark Crystal" (1982). The main character's traveling companion in the movie is a female Gelfling named Kira (Why do I ALWAYS think of Barbie's discontinued Asian friend whenever I hear that name? :lol:)

Well, ANYWAY, DON'T read any further, unless you have already seen the movie, because this Creepypasta relates to SPOILERS:

I refuse to read further because I don't want you to ruin one of my favorite movies.
Whenever I hear the name Kira I always see that muppet...


Sat Dec 19, 2015 12:23 pm
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