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OT: ALL of these women need SERIOUS HELP! 
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Post OT: ALL of these women need SERIOUS HELP!
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

The following are pictures of the ideal women from several countries: ... e-HERO.jpg

Okay, so I wish that ALL of their WAISTS were even MORE NARROW, and that ALL of their HIPS were even ROUNDER (I think that the ideal woman's hips should look like two perfectly round halves of any type of round fruit), but, other than that, here's what I think of each picture:
ROMANIA: Her waist isn't NEARLY small enough (That'd make her chest look larger and prettier), and she needs to lose about 3 pounds from each thigh, fer SHURR.
PHILIPPINES: She needs a slightly smaller waist, and much larger hips, but her legs are sort of perfect.
SOUTH AFRICA: She needs to get a waist, gain some round hips, and lose a few pounds off of those thighs.
ITALY: She needs to gain a slight bit of weight on her arms, and she needs some really round, large hips, and MAYBE a pound on each thigh.
ARGENTINA: I'm gonna cry for you, Argentina! Your ideal woman needs a small waist, MUCH larger hips, and shapelier legs!
VENEZUELA: This gal needs to lose TONS of weight! If she's gonna have a chest that is big, she needs a tiny waist and even rounder hips to go with it, and she needs to lose TONS of weight from her thighs.
U.S.A.: This woman is ALMOST perfect, except that her chest could be slightly larger, her waist could be even SMALLER, her hips could be a slight bit rounder, and her thighs could be slightly THINNER. She should look like a perfect HOURGLASS, with a chest and hips that are EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE, and with a waist that is 10-15 inches smaller than those other two measurements; she also needs..a THUMPABLE MELLON BUTT!
SYRIA: This poor woman's shape is SOOO WRONG! She's ALL hips and thighs. She needs to take a ton of weight off of her waist, and she needs much larger hips, and MUCH thinner thighs!

What do YOU think?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
The Duchess of Mint
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Mon Nov 09, 2015 2:02 am
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