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OT: Your WORST Family Vacay EVER! TRUE STORIES Welcome! 
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Post OT: Your WORST Family Vacay EVER! TRUE STORIES Welcome!
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

Did you and your family ever have such a bad family vacation that you wish that you'd stayed at home, in your boring house, eating the same silly convenience food, and being bored in TOTAL COMFORT? Well, feel free to share your TRUE STORY here. The following is an account of my family's WORST VACATION EVER!


During December of 2012, some family members and I wanted to do something really SPECIAL right after Christmas Day. We discussed seeing "Anna Karenina", seeing "Les Miserables" (Looking BACK, I can tell you that we SHOULD have done THAT, fer SHURR!), and renting a vacation house...and getting away from it all...and, at the last minute, I sort of said something like, "You know, renting a vacation house WOULD be an ADVENTURE, and I guess that we SHOULD try something unusual this year!"

So, my family (Well, the one person who wrote the check, anyway) spent an outrageous amount of money...for a roomy vacation house by the ocean, and off we all went, listening to John Denver in the truck...and having one heck of an enjoyable time all of the way to the vacation house. Keep in mind that OURS was the FIRST family to rent this house; that fact will be important later.

Well, when we got there, we discovered that the sign in front of the house looked really shabby, but we tried to give the place a genuine chance. We unpacked, looked about, etc. The house was certainly BIG; the bathroom that I was using was larger than the other one, but both bedrooms were spacious, and there was a HUGE living room, a T. V. room...with a door, and A POOL TABLE, TOO! I settled in, starting a vacation journal, reading a magazine left by the family who owned the house, and dreamily noting the name of the hot photographer who was pictured in said magazine. We were going to be there for about three days, or so.

Well, the hours ticked by, and it became colder (WE didn't realize that the Winter of 2012 was the COLDEST recorded Winter in that YEARS!), and my family turned on the heat, but, as time went by, NOTHING HAPPENED...except that we all became COLDER...and COLDER...and COLDER. Well, pretty soon, we were bundled up, AND shivering like mad inside of that magnificent house. My family kept thinking that the heater IN soon, and eventually, we were ALL so miserable that I was SHIVERING my ASS off, while my family members bundled themselves up, as well. NOBODY was having ANY fun, and I was forced to accept the offer of an extra sweatshirt, because I really WAS THAT COLD! There was no WAY that I was going to be able to write in my journal anymore, anyway.

Sometime during that timeframe, we somehow made our own a kitchen wherein we found...DIRTY POTS AND PANS; the head of our party found the house plans (2007?), and they declared that the house had been built faultily, with regards to its temperature system! After dinner, we weren't able to do much, because we were freezing, and so we just sort of huddled in the living room, TRYING to stay warm; at some point, we realized that one of the windows had been left open, allowing more cold air to enter through the garage. The head of our party was becoming disgusted, as was I. I eventually ended up curling up on the my CLOTHES...trying to SHIVER myself to sleep from underneath blankets.

I sort of turned into a royal bitch, because I was feeling miserable, and my family sort of gave me a bad time, saying that if I'd been a part of The Donner Party, I'd have been the first one to have become dinner! LOL! That wasn't so funny, though, as the cold air kept getting colder...and colder...and COLDER...until the head of our party called the Emergency Helpline that the local vacation rental office had given to us. When they called...NOBODY WAS THERE. We were FURIOUS! What if there had been a raging FIRE, or what if somebody had been having a life-threatening MEDICAL EMERGENCY?

We finally resolved to DEAL with the problem, and to TRY to survive the bitterly cold night of December 26th. When we couldn't bear the cold, anymore, we all (Well, we ALMOST all) scrunched into one bed, for the sake of warmth ALONE! Believe me, we didn't WANT to be in that position, because there SHOULD have been no REASON for us to have had to have "survived" by that method...Besides, we were wearing so many clothes, and we were so miserable, that we were absolutely MISERABLE. The room that we all huddled into was the room that contained the BIG bed, but that room was sooo miserable; up on top of the DRESSER was...A STUPID SECURITY CAMERA, which featured a GREEN LIGHT, and that light KEPT BLINKING ALL NIGHT LONG!

When December 27th came, we ate breakfast, and I realized just how 100% physically EXHAUSTED I was! I had barely been able to sleep at all, because I'd been so cold. When we went back to the house, we arranged for a repairman to come out to the house in order to help us. He tried his best, but he said that HE was barely able to make a dent in that righteous mess, because the temperature system had been screwed up SO badly by the original builders; the poor guy felt sorry for us, and we felt sorry for him, too, because his hands were tied, with how good of a job he was able to do. OUR hands might as well have been LITERALLY tied, for all of the good the visit from the repairman had we THEN went to the rental office, where some space heaters were supposedly waiting.

At least, I THINK that that's the order in which everything happened. Well, anyway, the space heaters came, but they were WORTHLESS. They were super small, and the house's wiring system would only take ONE of them at a time, because when they were BOTH turned on, they overloaded the circuit system; my family had mercy on me, and the members of my family who were staying in one room sacrificed THEIR space heater, so that the room that I was staying in could be heated...just barely!

As time went on, we became more and more grouchy with each other. We were tired, and stupid arguments would occur for no LOGICAL reason. On the last night that we were there, all Hell broke loose! We had reached our breaking point! I became frustrated, because, while playing pool, I had accidentally gouged my hand with the cue, and my family had decided that I hadn't behaved reasonably about the situation. Well, I was understandably frustrated, because I really did need a bandage for my hand...after that stupid pool cue move...

Well, I got the bandage...and THEN I got The Cold Shoulder...from EVERYBODY in the family. They wouldn't play pool with me. They wouldn't try to be nice, no matter WHAT I said, or HOW sorry I was. They wouldn't even let me work on the PUZZLE that we'd brought. They were SO cruel that I finally retreated to the room that I was cry on the bed, and I got lambasted for doing THAT, TOO...never mind that we were ALL a mess of frazzled nerves, because we were still feeling so physically COLD.

I just sort of cried throughout the entire night, and I barely slept at all; come morning, I decided to wash up, get dressed, and make up for my...bad (?) behavior by cleaning the kitchen for my family. There were actually RULES for checking out of the place, and we FOLLOWED them, like good little boys and girls, even though we'd been MONUMENTALLY CHEATED out of a VACATION EXPERIENCE by those righteous...BLEEPS! We'd been there for about three or so DAYS...trying to SURVIVE!

By the time that we left, the heat was just starting to work, but that wasn't good enough for US, because we were LEAVING. If the last few days had been hectic, the trip home was HELL! The person who was driving me home wouldn't get along with anybody else in the truck; they even began to just leave us all when we stopped for gas, walking down the street, as though they were leaving the family. When we finally did return home, a major argument began, and everybody else left the house, leaving me all alone there. I felt SO HAPPY, though, to be HOME, with OUR FOOD, and OUR T.V., and OUR HEATING SYSTEM, and OUR COMFORTABLE BEDS!

Oh, speaking of that, my family had been FURIOUS because, when I'd been helping with the stripping of the beds at the vacation house, it had been discovered that there were HOLES IN MY SHEETS, and I told my family about the cat toy...and the hair pin that I'd found in the room that I'd been using.

My family has weathered bad, bad, BAD snow-ins before, and my family has joked about me and The Donner Party before, too, but NONE of our bad-weather adventures have EVER been as bad as our...2012 "vacation"!

What a JOKE! I will NEVER, and I mean NEVER rent ANOTHER vacation house that doesn't have MULTIPLE good ratings (This house had NEVER been RENTED OUT BEFORE!), and that isn't available for a REASONABLE PRICE, AND that isn't connected to a STAFFED HELPLINE, AND that isn't WELL-BUILT!

That trip played like a disaster movie...except I wasn't WATCHING it from the safety of an easy chair!

Well, thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
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Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:17 am
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Post Re: OT: Your WORST Family Vacay EVER! TRUE STORIES Welcome!
Not a family vacation, but everytime me and my relatives go out, I tend to be a bit alarmed because my mom is kind of, 'outspoken', she always says what's on her mind and whenever we eat to a restaurant wherein the waiter is late, or her food tastes funny, she will do a cross between a whisper and a scream, while saying 'this food is not very tastefully done', or 'I can cook better than this', which often results to an hour of awkwardness because people are looking at our table. It's definitely cringeworthy, but hey, sometimes we get refunds! lol

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Mon Mar 23, 2015 9:16 am
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