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OT: The comments on this 2011 "Slut Walk" page say it better 
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Post OT: The comments on this 2011 "Slut Walk" page say it better
Dear Musicals.Net Posters, ... story.html

The comments on that 2011 "Slut Walk" page may have said it better than I'VE ever said it, although what a few of the posters said what I was TRYING to say.


1.) "As a young professional woman I think this is an insult and denigrates women. Yes the concept is valid to a certain extent but until women accept responsibility for their own actions we will never be equal.

If a man walked down a street in a drug and gang infested part of town, in expensive clothing and money hanging out of his pockets then got robbed people would blame him for poor choices. But we women want the freedom to do whatever we want with impunity and no responsibility for our actions."

2.) "On the other hand, let's acknowledge that women also play a role in soliciting sexual attention. They just want to be the only ones controlling it. Think about John Edwards and Rielle Hunter and how all the blame is focused on Edwards. She could easily cry "sexual harrassment!" as a causative factor; why isn't a charge of "sexual enticement" just as accurately applied to the situation? Unfortunately, the implication of this article in the Post is that it's OK for women to entice men's sexual advances, but they also want to be the person calling all the shots."

I don't think you realize it, but you just said a revolutionary thing. I think we need to start working this into discussions and maybe even law.

To my mind, false sexual enticement is just as wrong - and should be just as frowned upon in the workplace. If a woman is not-interested in a man, it SHOULD NOT be ok for her to entice him just to get an ego boost."

How is fair that women can rile up, flirt with a man, and try to get him excited and distracted at the workplace - just to feel better about themselves, even if they had no interest."

3.) "Actually, to a degree, it has been "worked" into regulations (law) to the detriment of men. A woman can claim that by dressing provactivly she is just trying to "look good". But then if a male guy stares at her and she conveniently "finds" it "offensive" then the guy is deemed guilty of sexual harassment even if he never touches her."

4.) "Have we lost all common sense? Do these idiots think that rapists are going to be moved by the irony of a slutwalk? They are more likely to simply attract the attention of a rapist -- oh, wait, that's what the Toronto cop said. A woman who dresses in a manner designed to make her sexually attractive to men will attract the attention of men who don't care if she says no, even if she means it. This is not an "idea" that can be "fought" with protests, like the cultural consensus that once existed that Jim Crow laws were acceptable. It is not an idea -- it is simply a fact, like the fact that wearing day-glo orange on the battlefield will make you more likely to attract the attention of enemy snipers. Are protests going to make rapists realize the errors of their ways? We already make rape illegal. We send them to prison. Do you think trying to shame them will do more?"

5.) "I pity these women. In my view, this "movement" of young women, some dressing like prostitutes & holding signs that we can wear whatever we want & not be raped, or have unwanted sexual attention is naive & completely denegrates what strong-willed, educated women have worked decades to undo -- that women are viewed as sexual objects and are nothing more than homemakers and child-rearers. The facts stand as they do, and wearing "whatever I want" isn't going to fly ladies. These uneducated young women at a minimum would benefit from understanding what message they are saying because I don't think they do. When you dress in an overt sexual manner, you will likely attract someone who is interested in you for sex, not your personality or your intelligence or anything for that matter. That is is the complete opposite of the feminist movement, where women were striving to be equals to men in workforce, etc. And we are not there yet, ladies! This is a process and a journey. What you wear, as a woman, does indeed send a clear message to men - the man's brain is very easily influenced by "images of sex" & you cannot change that. Rape is a crime, and a horrible one at that. However, it will likely exist for a very long time to come. But with young women and especially young girls (pre-teens) wearing suggestive clothing, it's not the direction I believe we ought to be heading. This is worse than going backwards. Men generally do NOT respect women who try to overly "sexualize" themselves via their clothing, hair, and makeup. Just be who you are - being feminine and attractive to men doesn't mean looking like a prostitute. Rape cannot always be avoided either - regardless of what a woman is wearing. However, wearing clothing that "objectifies" yourself as a sexual object certainly won't send the correct message to men to "keep your hands off of me" -- in fact it raises your risk of getting the sexual attention that you may not want. Get a clue, young women!! You have just begun your journey in life, and you will find out that there are consequences to your actions."

6.) "This article propounds the fallacy that what an individual does has no impact on those around them."

7.) "Stop rape! Also, check us out, we're totally hot!"

8.) "Women are as responsible for being raped as any victim is responsible for any crime committed upon them. Women may not want to hear that, and some men may not have the cojones to tell them that, but it's true.

We're just not going to get anywhere here by kowtowing to the infantile desires of women to be free of any and all responsibility for the consequences of their actions."

9.) "It isn't a matter of "that dress equals yes." It is a matter of "that dress piques a predator's interest." It's preposterous to suggest that allowing women to wear (or not wear) whatever they like will solve the problem. "

10.) "That's fabulous, ladies. Let's ignore a few billion years of evolutionary biology and pretend that the signals you send only count when you want them to. While you're at it, let's pass a constitutional amendment that makes men pregnant and doubles the size of the female liver so you can drink just as much as a man before reaching the legal limit. Oh yeah...double that bladder size too, we're talking equality here."

11.) "A woman with intelligence knows how to look after herself.she would not join stupid protest movements and would instinctively know what is sensible and what is outrageous in her dress code."

12.) "I surely hope these naive young women are not walking alone at night in bad neighborhoods because they "should" be able to."

13.) "How you dress will affect how you're perceived by others, just a fact of reality. I don't care how smart you are just try showing up to an interview at a law firm in lingerie and see how serious you're taken."

14.) "Women wake up.... How you dress is important.. how much you drink is important, where you hang out is important, and who you hang out with is very important.

Pedophiles are out there.... Beware...... And don't dress your little ones like Prosta-tots... please.."

15.) "And the sad fact is, a miniskirt is no more likely to provoke a rapist than a potato sack is to deter one""

Keep on dreaming."

16.) "However, as I have continually observed, rapists do not care about their victims' rights. So, perhaps, instead of flouting their right to wear whatever they want, women should recognize the fact that rapists do not care about their rights."

17.) "What such a man does not know is that the woman is doing what the is doing in order to impress other women with her ability to cause men to follow her around with their tongues dragging, not for the benefit of said men. "

18.) "Men who rape are tapped too deeply into their lizard brains to even be considered human." They are still men. Just as drunk, naked women are still women.

Just stop the nonsense."

19.) "And both have their consequences but no one wants to be responsible for themselves."

20.) "The point being that there has to be SOME connection between what a woman does and what happens to her, else they can take no credit for the good things. Nor could a man. And by denying any and all connection (if not "responsibility") between actions and outcomes you undermine the entire human race."

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
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Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:28 pm
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