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OT: New "Yes means Yes!" rule, Feminism, etc. 
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Post OT: New "Yes means Yes!" rule, Feminism, etc.
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

I recently learned about the new "Yes Means Yes!" rule, which gives college women even MORE incentive to be irresponsible, when it comes to making stupid choices that place them with would-be rapists.

According to the new rule, if somebody says, "No!" to sex, then they should be listened to, but get this! If they're SILENT, then SILENCE suddenly means "No!", too, so....I guess that even though Feminism taught women to use their voices to say "No!", they're NOW being told, "You're saying 'No!' by just being SILENT, Sweetie! YOU don't have to be responsible for conveying clear messages. YOU don't have to use your voice, or even HAVE a voice, Darlin'. You can send mixed messages, without even teasing and saying 'No!' AFTERWARDS, and YOU'RE not the one who has to be responsible for ANYTHING."

Oooh, Brother, I'm SHURR!

If ANYBODY in this God-forsaken nation has a brain anymore, they've figured out that granting women equal rights, while "protecting" them from their own obligations and responsibilities as<drumroll> actually SEXIST, ANYWAY! Why Americans encourage men to balance their rights with their responsibilities, while encouraging women to celebrate their rights, while ALSO celebrating the freedom from responsibility, is beyond me!

There ARE TWO versions of the "tempting a rape situation" game, and each one is played by....A SEPARATE GENDER!

GAME 1 (THE GUY'S GAME): LET'S SEE IF THIS DATE WILL LEAD TO A SCORE!: This game is so famous, because the games that WOMEN play are always ignored, casually classified under the categories of "Harmless Fun", "Hormonal Obedience", and "Poor, Kittenish Innocence". The classic scenario is one during which a man behaves unfairly, wining and dining a woman, or talking with her, and maybe even ASKING permission to grope her, until he stops asking.... He is rude, and he neither sets, nor ASKS about physical boundaries before he starts a more graphic makeout sesh.

GAME 2 (THE GIRL'S GAME): LET'S SEE HOW CLOSE TO HAVING SEX I CAN GET WITHOUT HAVING TO GIVE AWAY MY VIRGINITY: Americans seem to classify real games that women play as being the result of innocence, and, by doing so, they are actually being sexist, because they are denying the fact that women are as smart, and as sneaky as men, when it comes to stupid sexual games. The classic scenario involves an inexperienced, scared woman who wants to test the limits of erotic experimentation....WITHOUT having to set boundaries FIRST, by way of verbal communication, AND WITHOUT having to lose her virginity....She wants to see how much she can tease a guy, and how much experience she can get with him....without having to go all of the way. She wants to see just how frustrated she can get him to become, and how much casual makeout experience she can his expense, WITHOUT having to set any boundaries first, AND without asking if HE has any boundaries....AND without having to lose her virginity. In other words, she cares only about HERSELF.

BOTH of these scenarios can easily turn into the rape of EITHER a man OR a woman, but people in America ONLY consider the games that MEN play, COMPLETELY ignoring the fact that WOMEN can make stupid decisions....AND play their OWN games, too.
Now, the one advantage that EVERY AMERICAN WOMAN has is the fact that A WOMAN IS A WALKING COIN! She has the God-given gift of being able to USE HER BODY AS CURRENCY....for ANYTHING....with ANYONE, and American society celebrates the fact that A WOMAN IS A WALKING COIN!

If you're a woman, and you walk into a bar, and you show enough of your cleavage (or you allow an upskirt pic to be taken, or you arrange to perform a favor later), you can ALWAYS get a man to pay for your drinks FOR you....simply BECAUSE you are a walking coin (The same concept applies when a woman wants a man to help her to fill out a form that she doesn't understand, or when a woman wants a better allowance from her husband, or when a college student wants a better grade from a hot male professor) ! You are marketable American currency, simply because you are an American Woman. Your body is the equivalent of a coin, a dollar, or any other tradable form of currency, and American Women are taught that the BEST form of power that a woman can ever, EVER have is the ability to pay for her livelihood with her sexuality; it's only a pity that TONS of women aren't deemed LOVELY enough to be able to use the best form of power that an American Woman will ever be able to use!

It will be interesting to see if that concept levels out across the boards, so that ALL Americans will someday be able to walk into a bar, flash some skin at someone, and never have to pay for drinks ever, ever again in their lives!

I can't understand why The American Woman would ever WANT to obey Feminism, and struggle so much, when her EASIEST, BEST form of currency is located between her neck and her knees!
If you ask me, Feminism has DESTROYED The American Woman. When she HAD "no rights," The American Woman actually HAD TONS OF RIGHTS. When she went out on a date with some mean jerk, HE by God drove HER around, and even if he dissed her during the date, HE either dumped her along the side of the road, and society labeled HIM the bad one, or he drove her home like a gentleman, anyway, and SHE didn't have to be verbally dissed....AND ALSO be "The Independent Woman"....who drove home all alone, crying.

Today, that SAME woman drives to MEET her date, has a bad date with him, and has to drive home alone, crying! Women's Rights, my ASS! Dissed, pissed, and more like it....forced to be not ONLY treated in a sexist way, but THEN forced to be "independent," and drive home alone! The American Woman was CHEATED by Feminism!

Way back when, when a woman was a man's property, she could even COMMIT A CRIME (I wouldn't do that, but Casey Anthony would, fer SHURR!), and HE was held responsible, because HE hadn't "kept his wife in line!" SHE had no rights? SURE! WHATEVER! She was practically able to be Lizzie freakin' Borden, and her HUSBAND, or her FATHER was responsible for HER behavior. Was that SEXIST? Of course. Was that unfair to women? Hell, no! They could get away with thieft, murder, probably even Melissa Huckaby-type rape, and the MEN in their lives were the ones who were frowned upon....for the behavior of the WOMEN who were not even held responsible for their behavior. (We have a similar form of this "Don't ever blame a woman for her own irresponsibility!" attitude today, but today, women are supposedly "LIBERATED")

During, say, 1814, your husband may have beaten you for no reason, and society might have said, "DEAL, Sister!", but you by God weren't expected to go through a nasty divorce, fight for child support checks, stand in Welfare lines for food stamps, prostitute yourself on the streets to drug dealing, wannabe pimps for enough money to feed your child, etc.

NEITHER situation sounds cool to me, but please remember that when ANY society "liberates" a gender, a race, or a social type, they are saddling that type of person with TONS of new responsibilities, from which that type of person was actually SHELTERED BEFORE.

Okay, okay. If, during 1814, a woman's husband divorced her, she MIGHT have been reduced to street-whore status (Ie: Almost like Fantine in "Les Miserables"), but remember that most men kept their "property" tightly at their sides!

Please remember that if the "liberated" woman suddenly suffers a heart attack, or even a truly unlucky fall, there will BE no husband to comfort HER, and even if she has some handy-dandy little 911-calling device, SHE'S not necessarily going to receive the human companionship of a sweetheart; SHE'S going to be surrounded by nurses....who are ALL STRANGERS to her! So much for Feminism and "independence"!
Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
The Duchess of Mint
(The Original Lone Wolf)
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Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:06 am
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