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OT: How DARE you tell me that I can't dress as Esmeralda? 
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Post OT: How DARE you tell me that I can't dress as Esmeralda?
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

Take a look at THIS:

Tell me what you think?

I am NOT, by ANY means, condoning racism when I say...."How DARE you tell me that I can't dress as Esmeralda?" I completely understand the concept of unfair stereotyping, because, as someone who has a medical condition, I have been disappointed with Disney's treatment of Quasimodo for YEARS!

I might be furious if somebody dressed as Quasimodo for Halloween, and then I heard them saying things like, "I'm so ugly that I'll never get a date! Hahaha!", but it would NEVER be fair of me to be angry just because your son, or your brother, or your boyfriend wanted to be Quasimodo for Halloween. I have no right to say that someone's demeaning disabled people JUST because they dressed as Quasimodo for Halloween.

Quasimodo AND Esmeralda are DISNEY CHARACTERS! The CONTINUALLY skewed portrayals of disabled people and Romani people might be infuriating, but do people REALLY have to be angry with people who just want to dress up for Halloween, or cosplay, or whatever? It's NOT as though the costumed people are pretending that it's okay to wear a big, white hood, and burn a cross on someone's lawn, or anything like THAT! It's not as though they're dressing as Mulan and Shang, and THEN pulling fake "Chinese" accents, which would truly BE offensive.

If people are going to be THAT sensitive, then I think that ALL people ought to be that sensitive, whenever they WANT to be. If you have brown eyes, and your blue-eyed friend suddenly buys brown contacts, JUST for a change of style, you should be able to launch a full-scale attack, claiming that your friend is mocking your genetic heritage! Caucasians should attack The Disney Store for allowing non-Caucasian kids to wear Cinderella and Snow White costumes in The Disney Store's catalogue (Wouldn't THAT be ridiculous? I mean, for years, there WAS no Jasmine, Pocahontas, Esmeralda, Mulan, Tiana, etc., but non-Caucasian kids still identified with princesses like Aurora and Belle, because they were good-hearted female characters). People from various racial groups should be encouraged to celebrate ONLY the holidays that are part of their specific racial heritage (Forget joining your Asian friends for Chinese New Year!), lest someone become offended. If you don't have cancer, or you don't know anybody who does, you shouldn't be allowed to support anti-Cancer funds, because you have NO IDEA ABOUT CANCER! (How cruel THAT would be, right?) If you wear a size 7 in shirts, and you choose to try either a size 6, or a size 8, you might be accused of making fun of someone else's body type! If you install a pole in your house, and somebody else sees it, you could be accused of making fun of pole-dancers! If you're a virgin, you're not allowed to watch "Jerry Springer", because YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A NON-VIRGIN! If you've birthed a child, you can't adopt children, because, if you did, you'd be making fun of infertile women by doing something that's EXCLUSIVE to THEIR GROUP (I myself can't have kids, and I seriously WISH that more people....of ALL types, would adopt!). If your skintone goes better with cool colors, you can't wear those colors that are designed for darker-skinned women, because, if you do, you might be making fun of them, and vice versa. African American girls are not allowed to like Elsa, and Caucasian girls cannot like Tiana! You're not allowed to wear a tutu unless you're a ballerina, because if you do, you're stereotyping ballerinas! If you can't walk successfully in heels, then don't wear them, because walking in an un-graceful way in heels is gonna make SOOO many adult industry employees angry with you; you're stereotyping them as being clumsy! If you're a little girl, and you like the American Girls, DON'T buy one who doesn't reflect your own race, or any friends of that race will accuse you of stealing THEIR heritage (Too bad, all you African American girls who really like Molly, and all you Caucasian girls who like Cecil) Men can't read Cosmopolitan, and women can't read Playboy. Oh, and NOBODY is allowed to portray a different race ONSTAGE, EITHER! (If you're Caucasian, but you're not of French origin, forget portraying Eponine! If you're Asian, you can't be Marian the Librarian!)

With all of the so-called "anti-racism" that some people (and, NO, I'm not being racist when I say that) are spouting, we're all better off segregating ourselves for REAL! Think, though, about how lonely your kids are gonna be someday, when they're not ALLOWED to help their friends to make that Chinese New Year dragon for the parade, because they're afraid that they'll be accused (by everybody....besides the families of their friends) of participating in a celebration that doesn't relate to THEIR heritage! Think about how sad you'll be when your kids, who are Jewish, can't attend their friends' Christmas parties, because people might say that they're trying to be something that they never were!

There are sooo many ways by which people of ALL races, backgrounds, etc., could become offended that pretty soon, you might get into trouble for wearing black jeans ("You shallow Goth-mocker!"), or false eyelashes ("How DARE you emulate REAL prostitutes? YOU don't know what it's like to have to sell yourself on Main Street at Midnight, with some drug-dealer following you!"), or for owning "I Love Lucy" on Blu-Ray ("You like to PRETEND that you're a Baby Boomer, Junior, but your poser adaptations of OUR CULTURAL ART FORMS are just SICK AND OFFENSIVE!"), or even for making, and eating green eggs and ham ("YOU didn't write the book, so YOU have no right to make FUN of it!")

I'd like to see what happens then ext time that someone calls me White, and I rail at them for the next hour because they DIDN'T call me a "Caucasian American"! SHEESH, I'm SHURR! Oh, wait! I shouldn't have said that, because a true Valley Girl (She'd be almost 50 by now!) might cuss at me for making fun of her culture! NOOO! I'm going to be a gonner for saying "Fer SHURR?" Then I want pepperoni, mushrooms, and olives on my Caucasian American Tombstone! Oh, crud! I just misappropriated a corporate slogan, and the guy who invented it was probably NOT Caucasian American! So sorry, everybody! NOT!

Thanks in advance for your replies to this epic rant!

Till Next Time,
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Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:37 pm
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Post Re: OT: How DARE you tell me that I can't dress as Esmeralda
Racism is if you're treating people bad, because of their skin color/culture/etc. Not dressing up as a Disney character. Dissing people because they are white is racism too.

I don't get how people make big things out of cartoons and don't help those who are really treated badly. :roll: Racism is horrible. Real racism is.

Cosplaying Esmeralda is NOT racism. It shoes the love for a character who happens to be from an anti-racism movie. Seriously.


Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:43 pm
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