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Review the Last SHOW You Saw! 
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Post Review the Last SHOW You Saw!
This may be a waste of efforts, but I wanna try and put some life back into this forum. So, instead of reviewing the last movie you saw, tell us about the SHOW! Play or musical, community theatre or Broadway.

The last show I saw was BIG FISH on Broadway, back in September, during previews. LOVED the show. Cried. Twice. Norbert Leo Butz is truly a tour de force, and SEXY AS HELL. I digress. The show's main flaw was the score. As every critic in New York will tell you, it pretty much sucks. There are a few good numbers, but over all, it doesn't live up to the direction and choreography by Stroman, or the AMAZING book by John August. It's just such a shame. Lippa has really been slipping these last few years. Perhaps he should take back Chenoweth as his muse, and she can inspire him the way she did in the late 90s? I dunno.

Anyways, it was also a bummer that Katie Thompson dropped out of the show at the last second. She had played the Witch in the Chicago tryouts (receiving great notices), but split from the production prior to previews in NYC. My guess? She was unhappy with the billing. Weirdest billing in a Playbill I have ever seen. But that's an entirely different conversation.

Anyways, great show. Definitely an improvement from the movie. The father/son relationship that develops will leave any father or son in the audience filled with tears. Butz, Baldwin and Steggert will probably all carry away nominations in May, with Butz having a decent shot at winning. Though, with such a short run, it's very unlikely. Such a shame, too. His performance was a masterpiece.

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Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:56 pm
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Post Re: Review the Last SHOW You Saw!
The last show I saw was a teen community theater production, LOL. I won't say what, just in case, but it was... cute. A lead female character who was a good singer and thought that was all that mattered, even though she was a dead fish on stage. A lead male character who was funny and engaging, but could not sing well most of the time. I have never encountered someone who could stay on pitch while singing solo, but not with an ensemble. ? Two of the secondary characters stole the show with their fun, interesting and wicked characters. Great belting and character acting, proud of those girls. It was a solid effort from the group, and they all had a blast, which is all that really matters.

Before that, a local semi-pro production of an Agatha Christie play. A few out of town actors. Two of whom I knew from when they have done shows here before. My husband and I hung out with them a lot during the run. The show suffered from lack of... presence. The out of towners were great of course, as were some locals, but some of the people they had to settle for, because no one else auditioned... that was really scraping the bottom of the barrel. It pulled the energy down a lot, and everyone who knew what they were doing had ot work that much harder to make interesting moments and keep it all going. VERY hard work in a longgg 3 act play.

And now, I'm going to geek out about a show I saw this summer, a production that is a New York company, but they performed in MD. I drove 3 hours there and back to see a matinee, LOL. I could probably call it my favorite show, if I were pressed to pick one favorite. I saw The Infinity Theater Co.'s production of "She Loves Me". I cried. Amalia is a dream role for me, and I was so afraid I wouldn't like the actor playing Amalia, but she was utter perfection. Exactly how I pictured everything. The production showed me how my vision for the show could and DID work. With a small ensemble that did a lot of doubling and tripling ;) and fold out sets. I had never seen the show staged before, only obsessively listened to cast recordings and read the script. I recommended it as part of a play reading committee at an old community theater I worked with... and then we moved. And then they put it in their next season. GAH. The only thing I could criticize is perhaps the actor who played Kodaly. I just don't think he was a great fit for the part. He was a good actor and singer but just not... snake oil salesman... enough, for me. Too modernly douchey, instead of old-fashioned oily charm. If that makes sense. Arpad was terrific. George was fabulous. Ilona was a surprise. She's supposed to be... approaching 'on the shelf', even though she is beautiful. Arpad has the joke at the beginning "Miss Horvath always used to say I'd get to be 35 before you ever did", which he doesn't realize is an insult, allowing her to be/look over 30. Amalia and Ilona looked the same age, but Ilona was played as merely naive and foolish and easily manipulated, instead of all those as well as slightly desperate due to a slightly advanced age. But the actor was very comedic (perhaps once or twice TOO comedic), and it worked for the part. The show made me even more determined to make it happen, somehow. If I can figure out the dates with an available theater, I do have the path open to help produce the show. I have a theater associate who MD's a lot of shows around here who loves the show as much as I do and if we can get the rights through another community theater group, perhaps we can make it happen.


Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:36 pm
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Post Re: Review the Last SHOW You Saw!
The last show I saw was a german version of the Last Five Years at my city's theater. Though the translation was not alwas perfect (here comes the rimes debate again... but when there is perfect rimes everywhere, the sudden use of "tür" riming with "mir" really hurts my ears. Plus there was some awkwardly placed words), it has some really good parts too (the snake Wayne was called Knut!). The two singers were brilliant and full of energy. The staging was quite simple and efficient and the pianist really good.

At the same theater, I also saw a german version of the Witches of Eastwick. And all I can say is that I found the show completely lame. The actors were OK but the show in itself was ridiculous.

Pardon my french.... I mean I'm really french. So don't hesitate to correct my mistakes !

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Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:39 am
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Post Re: Review the Last SHOW You Saw!
The incredible performance Jones has been for working on for months which finally made it ti Broadway . The Glass Menagerie !!!! Her performance is nothing short of brilliant!!!

Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:22 pm
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