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Author:  Set_Buildin_Dad [ Mon May 31, 2010 4:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Netiquette

Netiquette For All
Hello MdN posters!

The World Wide Web has been around since the early 90’s, and in the early days of the internet there existed something called “netiquette”. In recent times, the mods have seen lots of posters violating the spirit of netiquette and we would like to re-infuse MdN with good old-fashioned courtesy. It’s not something we give infractions for, but these rules used to be understood by everyone on the internet and we can no longer assume people know these internet basics. So please take the time to read these and keep them in mind while you are posting on MdN.

1. Read a thread before posting in it. You want others to read your deep thoughts, right? Do them the courtesy of reading theirs. And maybe the question you popped in to ask is answered right above you. Please just read the thread before posting. So much clutter, confusion and repetition is due to people who don't read a thread before posting.

2. Before you post, ask yourself: am I contributing to the conversation? If you are cheerleading (ex: “I agree, that’s great, ITA, I couldn’t have said it better”) you are not contributing to the conversation.

3. Don’t treat your fellow MdN posters like Google. Ex: “What’s the name of the song you were talking about in the last act of the show?” Also see 1); i.e., Read the Thread.

4. Let’s say you have a favorite composer. Let’s say you are the most ardent supporter that composer has on the planet and your devotion can never be swayed. That’s great – so you don’t need to tackle each and every post that hints of a negative thought towards your beloved. It’s okay to support someone, but if you have to post the same arguments over and over, it’s time to stop. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong, it just means you’ve had your say, and another poster might have a different opinion.

a. Corollary to this concept: Let’s say someone makes an off-the-cuff remark about your favorite such as, “Ugh, I did not like that song, he should stay away from that music style.” This is not an invitation to post the hundred times that your favorite wrote something fabulous complete with YouTube links. If you’re that invested in your favorite composer, go make a post in a thread where that composer's music is discussed.

5. Use the right thread. Don’t use the thread you like to hang out in as the place to brag about your singing trophy – use the “Random Facts Thread.” Want to tell someone you like their avatar? Use the PM system.

6. It’s generally considered bad form to make several posts in a row in a single thread. Let someone else have a chance to have a say, Chatty Cathy! If you’re responding to several posters, summarize your feelings somehow. Don’t quote 10 separate posters and address them in 10 separate posts.

7. You will be seen as ever so much more witty, beautiful, and amazing if you capitalize letters, use punctuation, and the spell check feature. Dazzle your fellow posters with your shift key. Please.


If we all just slow down and put a little more thought into our posting, everyone will have a more enjoyable experience. Thanks!
The Mod Team

Author:  WickedToo [ Mon May 31, 2010 4:59 pm ]
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Thanks for posting this as a reminder for all of us on the MdN Forum.

Author:  Beagle On Stage [ Mon May 31, 2010 5:21 pm ]
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How very timely. But then, it's always a good time.

Author:  disneyprincess [ Mon May 31, 2010 5:45 pm ]
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Yes, thank you. Especially #'s 7 & 8. I absolutely loath bad grammar and lack of punctuation and capitalization and spelling errors of the most simple words, like "and" or "the." (especially when it's obvious that the mistakes were made from typing fast- those should be able to be spotted! If you can't type fast without making mistakes, then type slower!)

Sorry if I sounded mean. I had the same English teacher for all of middle school and she influenced me a lot when it comes to grammar and writing.

Author:  SmallTownIngenue [ Mon May 31, 2010 5:45 pm ]
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Thank you so much SBD.

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