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Favorite People on the Boards 
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Broadway Legend / MdN Veteran
Broadway Legend / MdN Veteran
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Set_Buildin_Dad wrote:
I consider you all my friends, and support all your aspirations in life and in theatre.

I must say that I enjoy the posts of some of the more mature members of the boards more as they usually have the wisdom of years of experience behind them. I learn more from their posts - which is why I joined MdN in the first place.

I also enjoy the healthy debates that occur on some of the individual show fourms regarding the pluses and minuses of the shows and their creators. The debates I am referring to are those that do not degenerate into name calling, but instead focus on substance. I like the members who can keep it on that level.

I like the members who are always there with a helping hand to those with questions about theatre. The members who help out newcomers to the site have built our site into the resource it is today. This is what the boards are supposed to be about. These boards can be a tremendous resource to all theatre afficionados especially when things are kept positive. I dislike snarky remarks to newcomers because they defeat this purpose.

Finally, I like those members that bring energy and creativity to the boards. Some of your new ideas have been great fun. Some of the games that you've come up with such as "cast a show" have been fun to participate in.

So there you have it. I have just named my favorite posters without singling anyone out.


Aww, SBD, you're so diplomatic!

I'm playing BABETTE, bitches :-)

Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:45 am
Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend
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I like pretty much everyone, trolls and all :D But I really really miss Alex (my first friend on MdN) and JIJane. Not to say they're my favorites... I don't really have any favorite MdNers, although there are a few that I feel more comfortable talking to than others. Still, I'm kinda out of the whole "popularity" loop, so I try to be accepting of everyone, whether or not it's conventional for them to be liked. 8)

Currently: Ensemble, Assassins
Previously: Lucy Brown, The Threepenny Opera; Kim MacAfee, Bye Bye Birdie; Edith, Pirates of Penzance; Penny Sycamore, You Can't Take It With You

Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:16 am
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