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OT: Way to kill the natural concept of FLIRTING, bimbo! 
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Post OT: Way to kill the natural concept of FLIRTING, bimbo!
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

On the following website... ... reepy.html

I found the following comment, which was directed at ALL MEN:

"Don't approach women you don't know. THEY DON'T LIKE IT."

Way to absolutely MURDER the 100% NATURAL concept of FLIRTING, BIMBO! :roll: The very NATURE of flirting IMPLIES that when you see someone whom you DON'T KNOW, but that person is someone whom you'd LIKE TO KNOW, you APPROACH THEM! DUH! They have the CHOICE to respond, or to ignore you, but the natural act of APPROACHING them gives them the CHANCE to MAKE that choice.

I mean, how "cool" would it be if, like, EVERY American man actually FOLLOWED the advice that THAT bimbo gave on that site? Let's imagine an event at which men and women who DON'T KNOW EACH OTHER <heart-stoping gasp> are meeting to GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER...Now, let's imagine that, for fear of being labeled "creeps," EVERY SOLITARY MAN IN THE ENTIRE BUILDING REFUSED to so much as LOOK at ANY woman that he didn't know...

I know that that's an extreme example, but imagine the COMPLAINTS from all of the WOMEN AFTERWARDS...

Ella: "All of those hot GUYS acted like I was a walking epidemic of The Clap! Not ONE of them would even LOOK at me! What self-centered PIGS!"
Layla: "I wore that new Push N' Peek bra just for THEM tonight, and even the BAR-TENDER refused to look at me!"
Caryssah: "Well, I was here for MYSELF, but even I thought that it was strange that the guy that I tried to chat up just for FUN kept looking away from me, like I was some kind of a back-alley TRASH whore, or something."

Okay, so NOW imagine a quiet museum room...a young woman sits down on a bench to look at a portrait. She's been single for MONTHS, and a guy in a similar situation sits down next to her.

So, they DON'T know each other. So, what's so Big Bad Wolf about him turning to her, and saying something like "Cool painting, huh? Do you know much about the artist?"?
THAT'S HIM APPROACHING HER, but either I'M absolutely STUPID, or there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING RAPEY about THAT situation!

By that one Bust poster's rules, though, just the simple act of a man even APPROACHING a woman whom he doesn't ALREADY KNOW is CREEPERIFFICALLY BAD! So, I wonder how men and women are supposed to MEET if they ALREADY HAVE TO KNOW EACH OTHER IN ORDER TO SPEAK TO EACH OTHER!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:! The level of irrationality is WAY beyond stereotypes about what PMS can do to some women's brains!

You know what's REALLY creepy? Due to the fact that these women seem more and more like the ONLY kinds of American women that there even ARE anymore, I keep getting this DISTURBING MENTAL picture of the MAF (Modern American "Feminist"). She's a defensive little Summer's Eve-toting Terrier of a woman, who walks around wearing a Judy Garland pout half the time, acting all innocent, but bitching about EVERY TREE BRANCH THAT BRUSHES AGAINST HER COAT ('Caus, ya' know, it FELT like a guy's HAND, fer SHURR!)! She likes to think that she's Llittle Red Riding Hood, and she's ALWAYS peeking around EVERY CORNER to see if The Big Bad Wolf (Ie: ANY Homo Sapien with an X chromosome...followed by a Y chromosome...) might be coming (or, rather, [mod edit: keep it clean, please]) her way (Because you KNOW that her entire EXISTENCE is ALL about her chances of being RAPED...and NOTHING MORE!)...She lays out in her back yard each night, [Mod edit: that is obscene and unacceptable on this forum]

Well, let me tell her SOMETHING. SHE'S the kind of BLEEP who sleeps with the 40-year-old guy, and who THEN DUMPS him, claiming that because he texted her a week later, "he would't leave [her] alone," and SHE'S the one who is gonna seem awfully DESPERATE as a twice-divorced, lonely woman in her late 40s, SCROUNGING for ANY man over the age of 50, because NO MAN WILL HAVE HER ANYMORE...MAINLY because of her lifelong attitude that has REEKED of HATEFULNESS, POUTY self-PROPAGANDIZING, PITY KITTY narcissism, and FAKE victimhood.

EW! Where do these ridiculous, unfortunate examples of all things female even come from, and how did they get here? GAG me! These were not the kinds of women that I was ever raised to be like! :roll:

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
The Duchess of Mint
(The Original Lone Wolf)
OPINION: Mitt Romney is "that wicked plastic man!"

Mon Sep 12, 2016 5:54 am

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Post Re: OT: Way to kill the natural concept of FLIRTING, bimbo!
I've got one reply for you, Duchess. Keep your posts clean and free from sexual innuendos and obscenities or you'll be on a ban.
Presenting yourself as an eccentric is no excuse for breaking the forum rules.

Play nice, now.

Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:18 am
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