A Re-make of the film West Side Story: a Potential Disaster
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Author:  mplo [ Wed Aug 12, 2015 1:36 pm ]
Post subject:  A Re-make of the film West Side Story: a Potential Disaster

As a devout fan of the film West Side Story who's also seen several very good stage versions of this musical, I'm thoroughly against a re-make of this film, by anybody, for the following reasons:

A) First of all, the playground fights between the Jets and the Sharks would be much more graphic.

B) There would be an abundant amount of "blue" language (which I'm admittedly no stranger to!), and that would be totally inappropriate for something such as West Side Story.

C) The romance scenes between Bernardo and Anita, as well as Tony and Maria would be a lot steamier, and much more sexually explicit.

D) The hatred between the Jets and the Sharks would be much more overt, and many more intense and grosser insults would be hurled between the two gangs.

E) The prejudice displayed on the part of the cops towards both the Sharks and the Jets would be much, much more overt.

F) The musical score to the film West Side Story would be much junkier, and much more of a hip-hop/rap combination that would be totally inappropriate to such a musical.

G) Given today's militarization of many police departments throughout the United States, the cops would be much harsher, and their treatment of both the Jets and Sharks, especially the Puerto Rican Sharks, would be a great deal worse.

H) The rumble would've been much bloodier, because very powerful, high-tech guns would be used, rather than fisticuffs and switch-blade knives would be used, resulting in more killings on both sides.

I) The hint of possible reconciliation between the Jets and Sharks would've been taken out of this film, which would've destroyed this story completely, because the ray of hope in the form of possible intergroup reconciliation is an extremely
important and integral part of the story behind West Side Story.

J) Steve Spielberg has a great affection for West Side Story, but if Steve Spielberg's affection towards this great, goldem oldie-but-keeper of a classic film is so great, he'd agree to leave this classic alone, not mess with it, and find something else to re-make, or make a movie version of.

K) Some films are better left as is, and West Side Story is definitely one of them. If it ain't broke (and it ain't!), don't fix it!

L) Mr. Spielberg, if you're listening in: Please do not mess with a classic! West Side Story is what it is, and it must be left alone.


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