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The WEST SIDE STORY National Tour Thread 
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Post The WEST SIDE STORY National Tour Thread
Who here has gone to see the national US tour of West Side Story? This is the tour that was started in Detroit last September, with Ali Ewoldt and Kyle Harris as Maria and Tony, with David Saint recreating the Arthur Laurents direction from the recent revival and Joey McKneely reproducing the original Jerome Robbins choreography, that which was kept anyway. I'm still fuming about the cutting of half of the "Somewhere" ballet and shoving a child into the song to try and manipulate the audience into an emotional reaction that doesn't match what the Robbins choreography managed to do.

I know, courtesy of the Random Facts Thread, that at least one person here has seen the tour, but I thought this might be a good place to collect people's reactions and discuss them if any interesting points were raised.

LadyOfTheLake wrote:
Saw the National Tour of West Side Story tonight; here's my review:

Good Actors:
• Lori Ann Ferreri (u/s Anita) - Holy cow, can this girl sing. She was absolutely fantastic. Her dancing was a little off sometimes, but she’s an understudy, so I guess that’s to be expected. "America" was fantastic, and she’s a great actress as well.
• Alexandra Frohlinger (Anybodys)[/i] - By far, my favorite of the show. Her section of "Somewhere" was wonderful.
• The Majority of the Jets - They were great dancers, and all sounded very good together, especially during "Gee, Officer Krupke."

Not-So-Good Actors:
• Joseph J. Simeone (Riff) - He bothered me. He spoke so fast that I had no idea what he was saying, and his singing was…not the best.
• Kyle Harris (Tony) - I very much disliked his voice. His vibrato was all over the place, and when he got into his falsetto his voice went to the back of his throat and was dreadful.
• Ali Ewoldt (Maria) - She was tolerable. Her acting wasn’t the greatest, and she looked like she was twelve years old, which was slightly disturbing. Her voice was actually rather pretty, but was often whiny or shrill; she also seemed incapable of blending with whoever she dueted with.

Good Numbers:
• "Dance at the Gym"
• "America"
• "Somewhere" (Anybody’s section)
• "Gee, Officer Krupke"

Not-So-Good Numbers:
• "Something’s Coming"
• "Maria"
• "Cool"

Overall, the production seemed very amateur. There was little to no set, the majority of people on stage were over-acting, and the dances were rather sloppy. I’d give it a six out of ten.

It seems that, as usual, Tony and Maria are the hardest parts to cast and that Anita, once again, gets the main kudos in the cast. I have a question though: what did Anybodys do in "Somewhere" that was so special? Have they used her to replace the kid or something?


Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:46 pm
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Post Re: The WEST SIDE STORY National Tour Thread
She was the one that sang the solo during the beginning of "Somewhere." It was fantastic.

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Sun May 01, 2011 8:09 am
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Post Re: The WEST SIDE STORY National Tour Thread
Yeah it was Anybodys that sung it in this incarnation, on Broadway and on tour.

I liked Ali Ewoldt, but it was kind of jarring hearing her speak in a Hispanic accent, because I've heard her speak perfect English before, and she's Asian. I did think that she didn't mesh well with Kyle Harris, but after his Something's Coming, I just assumed everything wrong with their duets was Kyle Harris's fault. He was horrible. I liked Ali's "I Feel Pretty" a lot.

Sun May 01, 2011 10:15 am
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