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West Side Story: A Review 
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Post The best thing to do: Cling to the old, original WSS.
Eliot wrote:
I saw the show New Years Eve. I was doing my best during the show not to fall asleep. They actors were boring, the show was slow and over all I was disappointed in all the songs that I have loved over the years. The show was much too vulgar both in words and actions, i.e. the scene of Tony climbing on Maria in bed. There were quite a few children in the audience, I would say 5 - 10 years old and older, and the sexual overtones were much too inappropriate throughout the entire show. I felt Tony was VERY poorly cast. He was not close to being believable as a “tough guy”. It would be like casting Clay Aiken as the Terminator! Just not believable. Nothing about the wardrobe reminded me of the ’50’s in NY. The rape scene was totally out of control. And, I must have missed the point, but having the young boy “Kiddo” singing “Somewhere” made no sense to me and ruined the song. It was like someone who worked on the show brought their kid with them and let him have fun on stage. Horrible. What did I like about it? Nothing. And I must say, I am pretty easy going and enjoy almost every show I see. As was previously mentioned, the "dancing shoes" the actors were wearing made them look like sissies, not tough guys. And, the bilingual dialog was very annoying. No subtitles anywhere if you didn't speak spanish! The show would not make it a week on Broadway (in my opinion!).

That's too bad, Eliot. I'm sorry to hear that it was so disastrous and that you were subject to such a disappointing evening. Somehow, I felt that the new Broadway revival of West Side Story would be sort of a dud, and more vulgar and boring. I don't know how, but my gut instinct told me that it would turn out that way. One of two things will happen to this WSS revival, I think: A) It'll require much, much more work prior to its formal debut on Broadway, or (B), it'll tank on Broadway, no matter what.

Come to think of it, I'd seen a revival of the stageplay of Oklahoma here in our area afew years ago, and it was a disaster. Wierd as it sounds, that's part of how I came to perceive the whole idea.

Eliot: As a devout fan of the movie West Side Story, may I make a suggestion? If you have CD's of the original Broadway stage production of West Side Story, or even the film version of WSS, or if and when the film version of West Side Story comes back on TCM, or to a real revival movie theatre in your area, that's something to really fall back on--as a consolation and a treasure to hold onto--to show that WSS is still what it was in its day and still is; a vibrant, dynamic great, golden oldie-but-goody musical/movie classic. Hope I've been of some help here. [/i]

Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:35 pm
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