Sweeney Todd: High School Edition!
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Author:  Elphaba22 [ Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:53 pm ]
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My high school could've done Sweeney wonderfully. However, I think that school editions of shows like Sweeney Todd, RENT, etc etc, generally do no go over well. I agree that many teenagers will not have the life experience to properly play many of the roles. That said, I think if you are a teenager who has had extensive acting training, it's possible to make the show good. My high school did Bat Boy and Threepenny Opera as their last two musicals. I wasn't in either of them, but they were extremely good. We also did, for straight plays, The Beauty Queen of Lenanne by Martin McDonagh, The Seagull, Blood Wedding by Lorca, an original play based off of Howl by Allen Ginsberg, and so on and so forth. However, we also had a theatre track in our curriculum where we studied many different methods (Meisner, Grotowski, Stanislavski, Artaud, etc) and playwrights, an extreme luxury in high school. In other words, I feel like we had the resources to be putting on the shows we were doing. So although I think it's possible to perform shows like Sweeney Todd as a teenager, it's very rare.

Author:  taintedxl0ve [ Fri Jul 02, 2010 11:04 am ]
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I don't think anyone in our cast had extensive training, but there was still some incredible acting in our production. Our Sweeney, who's 17, has been obsessed with the show since he was little and knows everything there is to know. He had such a deep personal connection to the character, also, that his acting was phenomenal. You'd be surprised at how well teenagers can put on productions of difficult shows. Our director was also amazing, too.

Author:  taintedxl0ve [ Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:46 pm ]
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Here are a few videos from my production of Sweeney...All of the actors were 17 & under:


Final Sequence

A Little Priest

My Friends

Just wanted to show you guys that a good HS production is possible =)

Author:  disneyprincess [ Wed Sep 08, 2010 9:37 am ]
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The high school rights have been out for a long time- my dad's high school did Sweeny Todd when he was a senior, in 1980.

Author:  ActingDude17 [ Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:09 pm ]
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We all know the high school rights have been out for awhile, disneyprincess. What this thread is discussing is the School Edition brand edit that MTI licenses. It was released several years ago, and high schools have the option of doing either.

I saw an arts high school produce the full version this past March, and it was a good production. That's not to say that all or even most mountings with that age group would be successful. I essentially agree with the OP on this matter.

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