Tenor audition song/what role?
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Author:  Pika132 [ Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Tenor audition song/what role?

Me: 28, male. Italian ancestry; tall with dark, curly hair and a 5 o' clock shadow that starts around noon. Vocally, I'm somewhere between baritone and tenor, leaning towards tenor; my speaking voice is naturally low, but I can comfortably hit anything from D2 to A♭4 in chest voice when fully warmed up, or up to F6 in falsetto.

The production: An all-ages, somewhat prestigious community theatre (no pay). Auditions are in mid January. I am STOKED, clearly, or I wouldn't be looking for audition material four months in advance. Typically, the theatre requires a one-minute cut in the style of the show, so Sondheim is actually acceptable audition material. That said, I'm having trouble deciding on a role to go out for, and by extension, a song to audition with.

I've played Todd before, in a young-adult theatre camp. That was a decade ago and the role will almost certainly go to an older man. The Beadle will probably be older as well, and even if I could play the Judge, should I? (probably no) That leaves the tenor parts.

Tobias is the role I really want, but I am concerned I look too old. I would need to kill it with both my song and my line reading to even have a shot. I feel that "Giants in the Sky" is too perfect; let's just admit that if you bring it to a Sweeney audition where Toby is not yet cast, it's safe to say you are not alone in your song choice. (hurrrrrrrrr)

Pirelli is delightfully antagonistic with a standout solo, memorable scenes, and several ridiculous accents I can pull off. Most importantly, he dies halfway through the first act and only returns for the epilogue; he has the most efficient time ratio of onstage time to audience impact. However, in that time he needs to hold an A4 at least twice. I can't yet consistently hold that note in full voice, but I could feasibly do it in falsetto. "Largo al factotum" for the song, no question.

Anthony is a role I’m not really interested in but would settle for. I would choose a more generic song like "Corner of the Sky".

tl;dr questions:

1. Should I use a song specific to one of these roles, or a more generic song that fits both Toby and Anthony?
2. What song should I pick for Toby?
3. Does "Corner of the Sky" work for Anthony?
4. Any other advice/recommendations?

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