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The plot 
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Post The plot
I know the plot to the original version of starlight express, but can someone tell me the plot to the revised version in the 90's.
So called the New starlight express.

Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:45 pm
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Well, the "new" show is simpler! (the original would be a proper short story)

Control is playing with his toy trains before bed. Mother tells him to sleep, he disobeys and, whispering, resumes the game. He brings in each national engine one at a time, leaving his favourite Greaseball, til last. "Rolling Stock". Rusty comes by, the diesel engines bully him, Control tells him to fetch the coaches. Coaches sing "Lotta Locomotion", then, apropos of nothing, Pearl goes off into a reverie about her Dream Train, "He'll Whistle At Me". Rusty's gone off and comes back with the Freight train "Freight". With no CB, Rusty makes up no. 6 in the staging. The National Engines find themselves onstage for the last bit of Freight, when we're interrupted by the Components and Electra "AC/DC". Greaseball storms in before Electra finishes, proving HE pulls the girls "Pumping Iron". Greaseball and Electra start arguing, and everyone is looking forward to the Races "Coda Freight".

Control tells the engines to find their partners, everyone mills around and pairs off and leaves, leaving Pearl and Rusty alone. Rusty asks "What's the matter Pearl, don't you want to race with the fastest Engine in the World?" "I'd love to, Rusty, but where is he?" she says. "Right Here!" Replies Rusty. Oh. oh well, thinks Pearl. "Crazy". Pearl will go with him "Til something better comes along". And, right on cue, Purse turns up to invite Pearl to race with Electra. But she had just agreed to go with Rusty... oh, oh it's hard being popular. "Make Up My Heart". Rusty returns in time to see Electra skate off with Pearl, his little rusty heart broken. awww.

Heat One -
Nintendo/Krupp (instead of CB)

Greaseball wins, with Electra in 2nd place. Electra doesn't share his opinion on being beaten in the first heat, but he has got a place in the final as the first two make it.

After a second's pause as the entire "There's Me" scene is cut, Rocky 1 descends on the bridge as "Poppa's Blues" kicks off. Rusty, sulking comes in and Poppa tries to persuade him to race, but he's emoing "Not without Pearl". Poppa decides to race instead, and Dustin is the only one who'll go with him.

Heat Two -

Amazingly, Poppa wins, but is worn out, and Dustin is sent on a guilt-trip. But Poppa has a place in the final - will Rusty take it? Greaseball, gang, everyone turns up and mocks Rusty for thinking of taking Poppa's place, so he decides he will. "Laughing Stock" "Starlight Express".


Everyone's excited about the race "The Rap (Can You Believe It?)". Greaseball decides he rather fancies his chances with Pearl, so takes her from Electra, dumping Dinah in the process. "Pearl Twirl". Dinah's Heart-broken "U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D." Buffy and Ashley, with the air that they go through this at least twice weekly, pick her up and get her confidence back "Rolling Stock (reprise)". Purse shows up to invite Dinah to race with Electra, since they're both now single. Bobo turns up to pick up his girl, Ashley, leaving Buffy "Stuck with the slow one" Rusty.


The race gets underway but there's a big pile-up on the bridge about one minute in, causing the race to be cancelled. It's hard to see what happened, but Greaseball and Electra are both loudly blaming Rusty, and making sure the coaches don't speak. Greaseball then admits to his gang that he did it, Rusty was looking too good. The gang beat up Rusty, Flat-top looking on aghast, it wasn't fun anymore, that's his friend getting hurt! Greaseball, pulling Pearl, arrive to inspect the damage, and Pearl suddenly notices what a bastard Greaseball is (she hadn't been there earlier when Dinah spelled it out for us) But she was there, she was part of it, she can't tell. As they leave, Flat-top hangs back to check on his rusty friend... but doesn't dare help him.

Poor little Rusty, in pain, alone, disillusioned and bewildered, stumbles into the Rockies who give him their version of encouragement "Right Place Right Time". (Face it Rusty, you're out of it) Rusty gives up, (I'm down and I'm out) and alone, starts to hear things. Starlight Express? Can it be? Well, what else has he got to lose but his faith in the train god? He calls out to the Starlight Express, and he gets an answer! "Starlight Sequence" Now believing he has "the power within him", Rusty picks himself up. He happens upon a sleepy Dustin, who just dreamed the same dream... of course he'll race with him! Off set the unlikeliest racing pair.

Meanwhile, Dinah's fed up with Electricity, he doesn't whistle at her. (Do diesel engines whistle then? If that's what she's used to?) She dumps Electra, hoping that perhaps Greaseball will take her back? Electra is unbothered, there's a single Buffet car around, he'll take Buffy instead. Control announces the re-run of the Final - this time, taking the downhill course. Everyone's very excited.


The race gets off to a flying start,much fighting and zapping, Electra tazers his opponents whenever possible. He gets a good strike on Pearl, who is injured and can't continue. Greaseball, the gentleman, disconnects her at full speed sending her flying to the edge! But Rusty briefly abandons the race to catch her and bring her to a safe stop, before chasing the others. Meanwhile, Control reminds us of the rule that conveniently states that Engines must have a partner - Greaseball has 30 seconds to magic up another partner, mid-race, or he'll be disqualified. A few blows to Bobo mean Ashley his to take. Greaseball and Electra continue to have it out, not noticing that Rusty is gaining on them. Just before they reach the end of the course, Greaseball and Electra enter the tunnel and don't emerge- Rusty wins! Due to being the only competitor to actually cross the finish line! Raaa!

However Victory is the last thing on Rusty's mind, he left an injured, vulnerable Observation coach alone halfway through the race. He goes straight off to find her. Everyone else is about to wander off behind him, when Ashley and Buffy spot "Hold on, What is THAT?" Well, that'd be the tangled remains of Electra and Greaseball. "One Rock'n'Roll Too Many". Everyone stands around, pointing and laughing at how the mighty have fallen. Poppa then catches up with the action, and notices the winner is missing! "Where's Rusty gone?" oh! oh! Dustin knows! "Looking for Pearl!" So they all troop off looking for the winner, forcing Greaseball and Electra to lead them to where they dumped Pearl.

Pearl, alone, has found herself a buffer to perch on, and is doing some thinking, slowly, bit by bit, because it's not easy for her. She's realised she loves Rusty! "Next Time You Fall In Love" She's thinking back to their deep, passionate love affair that went on during "Crazy", between the moment he asked her to race and she decided to take Electra instead... Rusty finds her and she can't face him, but he loves her too! Yay! And here's everyone else, come to congratulate the happy couple. only poor old Greaseball and Electra are damaged... Dinah finally catches up with everyone else, and sees her beloved Greaseball hurt! She rushes over to him, he says he's "S.O.R.R.R.Y.", they kiss and make up. Poppa makes the suggestion that he could be converted to Steam - Electra thinks this might work for him too, his components promptly disown him. But they all get up and sing about how there's a "Light At The End Of The Tunnel".

Megamix. Everyone sing and dance along.

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Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:45 am
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