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Broadway Legend
Broadway Legend

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Post Lyrics
Can some one tell me the lyics for Laughing Stock? I've only got the song in German, and can't find they English lyrics anywhere on the net.

Sun Apr 05, 2009 3:22 am
Off-Broadway Lead
Off-Broadway Lead

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GREASEBALL: Well lookie here, they said this train could go
if it could go at all, it'd sure go slow!
don't stop now - you gotta keep it going all night
Will you be racing in his place?
FREIGHT: Should do!
GREASEBALL: Then you can prove that steam is really through!
Don't stop Poppa, don't stop Rusty
FREIGHT: Leave old Poppa, leave young Rusty
FREIGHT AND GANG: Leave old/don't stop Poppa, leave young/don't stop Rusty
ELECTRA: Clear my track, what's all this rubbish?
this rusty wreck must go! Clear my track!
PEARL: Clear my track, this is my train now!
This could be my dream! Clear my track!
CABOOSE: All alone, you think you're on your own... you think there's no-one in the world who cares for you, that isn't true, there's me...
RUSTY: Stop! I'll take Poppa's place!
I'm gonna race you, Greaseball
GANG: Hahahahahaha!
I'm gonna race you, Electra!
COMPONENTS: *gibbering digital shriek*
RUSTY: I'm gonna show you just what steam can do!
ALL: Rolling stock, he'll be a laughing stock!
Rolling stock, laughing stock!
Rolling stock, laughing stock...(as they trundle off)
POPPA: That's my boy - I knew you'd believe.
RUSTY: Poppa, I have to believe... I have no choice...

Glinda bubbles. In much the same way other people cycle.

Sun Apr 05, 2009 11:53 am
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