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Sound of Music- the Sing-Along Edition 
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Post Sound of Music- the Sing-Along Edition
I just got home from the Sound of Music- the sing-along edition. It was incredible! So much fun. The theatre was sold out and people kept saying the funniest things! It was great to hear an entire theatre hissing at the Baroness, booing at the Nazis and barking at Rolfe, who is apparently a dog (an assessment I tend to agree with). It was fantastic, there were young children and older people, and some of the costumes were wonderful- a tall, male nun got the costume of the night prize.
You would have thought the audience would have got more in tune as the movie went on, but I think we were more off at the end than at the beginning. It was great- we were all given this little mini popping thing that explodes and makes noise and were told to set them off when Maria and the Captain kiss, but they kept going off at really random moments, it made me laugh. I also happened to have a flashlight on me, so while the Nazis were searching the abbey was was flicking it across the screen- got quite a laugh. But I think the two guys with whistles were funnier when they tried to follow along with the Captains "calls."

Best quote of the night: "Take her, take her now"- some guy at the back of the theatre during the scene before "Something Good."

Second best quote: Soetime during the movie the Baroness asks something about who/what she is (I think- it was hard to hear all the dialogue and I never really liked that scene anyway). When she asked that there was this voice in the back that responded with a dead-pan, well-timed "Homewrecker."

Has anyone else done the sing-along thing? If not, I highly reccommend it, it's so much fun!

All movie musicals should do sing-along events *imagines what would happen if they did a RENT sing-along....heaven*.

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Sun Apr 30, 2006 1:00 am
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Oh, I absolutely LOVE the sing-along edition!!! It is sssooo much fun!!! We saw some really cool costumes when we went. There were things like "needle pulling thread" and people had snowflake stickers and put them on their noses and eyelashes - "snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes". It was great! We had a really cool Baroness that won a pair of glow-in-the-dark boxers that said "sixteen going on seventeen". It was a really fun night!
And one of the Party-Poppers with confetti popped when Liesl and Rolf kissed, followed by "That was the wrong kiss?" Haha it was great!

Best quote of the night: After the von Trapp family is done singing in the room and the Captain touches Liesl's cheek and she leaves the room, some guy said, in a really whiny voice, "Ugh! Don't touch me, you monster! Boo hoo hoo etc" It was hilarious!

And as for the Rent sing-along.....ainh, I just don't see it working. I can just imagine all of these Wickieboppers showing up just to see Idina and screaming the protest with her..... *shudders*

Sun Apr 30, 2006 1:10 pm
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