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Author:  Nick-Ko-Las Enigma [ Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Audtion Assistance

Insert audtion advice and tips here, but please refrain from putting tab B into slot A. If this thread goes painfully wrong it is jazzygirlsings fault.

Meanwhile we will wait for the info to rise again like Drac or at least unitl jazzygirlsings looks at her pm.

Failing that we will break out the handy-dandy sure to work flares.

Or carrier piegon.


astral projection?

ring her doorbell and run away?

Author:  jazzygirlsings [ Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:55 am ]
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Thanks for your confidence in me! LOL!


The reason why I saw a need for this as a sticky is because I've been noticing how nobody seems to listen to each other when it comes to audition advice. I think the best way to do that is to put it into one thread. It gets tiring answering the same questions over and you will see....

I have broken the audition advice from both pages of this SOM forum down into URL's by character and info. needed...

Thanks again, Nick-o-las enigma!

Here it goes:

Female Roles in SOM:

Hi all! I'm new to! While searching around for The Sound of Music casting information, I stumbled over this board. I know that there are numerous posts asking for audition help, however, I can't remember the last time that I saw The Sound of Music and am desperate for immeadiate assistance. My audition is in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if someone would be so kind as to list all of the female roles in the show (as in the Von Trapp children) with maybe personality traits, age, preferable height, etc. You get the idea. I would be most grateful!

The Von Trapp Girls:

Liesl- 16 (age range: 15-19, based on looks of course and how old or young you look). She gets the famous "Sixteen Going On Seventeen" as well as other songs with the children such as "The Lonely Goatherd", "My Favorite Things", "Do Re Mi" and "So Long, Farewell". In a lot of ways, Leisl is just your average teenage girl, infatuated and in young love with Rolf, with a slightly underplayed determination to be independent and mature, even though she's also girlish, flirty and youthful. She should be pretty, and I think a brunette Leisl is best but maybe that's because I'm brunette . She can be either. She's a mezzo, I think, and should be able to sing and act well. Dancing varies, it depends on the director.

Louisa- 13 (age range: 12-16): The sort of mischievious trickster. I like seeing her with a bit of sarcasm, but not all bad. Just a bit. You're pretty free to do what you want with this role, I think. She also has little solo bits in the songs I mentioned while talking about Liesl.

Brigitta- 9 (age range:8-12): Brigitta thinks she has the authority to tell everyone ...well, everything. She's sort of a know it all. "I'm Brigitta. She's Louisa. She's thirteen years old, and you're smart. I'm nine, and I think your dress is the ugliest one I ever saw". I think that she, along with Liesl and maybe Gretl, could steal the show from the rest of the children. She has solos as well. All the children do.

Marta- 7 (age range: 6-9): Just basically a cute little 7 year old girl, lol. Very similar to Gretl except Gretl's even younger and cuter. And shyer.

Gretl- 5 (age range: 5 to 7): The bashful but sunny and sweet youngest Von Trapp child. She's basically just there because she's adorable. Well, for other reasons. But that being the main one in my book. You just want to hug her.

That helped so much! I think I am going to try for Louisa. I'm 15 but only 5'0 so it might work out. I think I'm going to sing Popular for my audition. Thank you again!

Height means nothing until you actually audition and get compared to the heights of the other kids auditioning. Many directors like to do the stair-step thing, which is cute.

Female roles in Sound Of Music?
So....there are auditions in a few months for The Sound of Music, and I was wondering about avaiable roles......I am 15, a 5'3 burnette alto/mezzp with a medium range, I sometimes sing soprano. I am not an incredible dancer, but I am improving a lot. My acting would definately be my strongest ability, I am very animated and LOVE fun character roles. What are the female roles? Any suggestions?Thanks a lot!


femal roles? i'm sure u could easily find that out by looking at the threads below...but u could also rent the movie "Sound of Music" staring Julie Andrews to get an idea of the characters. Lesiel (btw i can't spell the kids names) would b a fun one to play, er...actaully quite easy although she does have a little spunk, shes more that teenager growing into a young lady type... um...any of the kids would b fun. the baroness could b a kinda of fun character if u experiment with her...idk...but good luck anyways no matter what happens =)
Sound of Music Roles
Our high school just finished doing SOM. I played Maria and enjoyed it so much. Definitely a fun role to play. We used mostly high school students for all the children except for Gretl and Kurt. None of the roles needed lots of dance experience, the one role that had the most dance for it was Liesl. Being an alto/mezzo, I'm sure you could be able to sing any of the parts, you could just practice more and extend your range more. I'm 5'3" and with character shoes probably 5'5" and I'm a brunette so the height and hair color really wasn't an issue with my school, which I was afraid it might be. Hopefully it isn't an issue for your school either. Here are the female roles:

- Maria Rainer (lots of lines to memorize, fairly high singing)
- Baroness Schraeder (average amount of lines to memorize, two songs in the Broadway version (fun songs), fairly high singing, just as high as Maria and does have to hold higher notes for longer)
- Liesl (16 yr old, average amount of lines to memorize, of course the song with Rolph and all the children's songs, and a song with Maria, sings fairly high but not that high)
- Louisa (14 yr old, not very many lines so probably not the best for you since you're strongest in acting, the prankster kid, sings along with the children)
- Brigitta (9 yrs old but we had a girl who was 15 play her and I think we might have changed her age in the show so it was more believable, I know we switched a couple ages around, she might have been 13 in our show, she has the second most amount of lines for the children, sings with the children)
- Marta and Gretl (probably too young for high school children to play, we had an extremely young looking 15 yr old play Marta haha)
- The Mother Abess (sings the highest out of everyone so you'd probably not be interested in auditioning for that role, but if you are she does have a fair bit of lines, and of course the "Climb Every Mountain" song, as well as other songs)
- Sister Margaretta (sings with the nuns, as well as a few solo parts in the song "Maria", doesn't sing that high, has a fair bit of lines, the most lines out of all the nuns except for The Mother Abess)
- Sister Berthe and Sophia (sings with the nuns, as well as a few solo parts in the song "Maria", doesn't sing that high, not as many lines, but two of the nuns that are seen more than the rest)

That's about all the larger female roles, there are a couple 2 lines roles around too but I'm sure you will be able to land one of the roles I listed. Good Luck! All the best! Buh Bye! ~Amanda
P.S. Let us know what role you get!

What type of production is it: high school or professional(community theater, etc.)?
If it is high school, I think you would do fine with any role. If it is professional maybe Brigitta or Louisa.

All Roles in SOM:

Female Von Trapp Children Audition Song: ... 791#468791 (Thanks to the latest person who didn't listen on 7/28/05)

Audition Song/Help for Liesl:

General Audition Tips for Liesl:

Auditions: Best Role Liesel?? help please
My community theater is doing a production of the sound of music and I really would love to audition. I'll have just turned 17 by then, going into senior year. I'm 5'4 107. Now, since it is a community theater do you think Liesel may be the best part age wise, or would they cast me as a younger part?

Also, what type of role is it and any good audition piece? THANKS so much , I'm not well versed on the show!!!

I'd say you have a chance!
Dear Evenstar06,

What have you got to lose? Judging by your height and your weight, I'd say that you're probably in good physical shape. You're the right age to play an age-accurate Liesel! Since you're trim, and you'll be 17, and you want to play the role of Liesel, I say "Go for it!"



Then you're 17 going on 18!
Just kidding!


You definately have a chance, go for it! Oh, and it is Liesl


Sounds like you have a pretty good shot. Go for out, and lots of luck.

Thanks guys so much I've been just watching the movie a bit and I can actually sing to sound nearly exactly like her lol its funny....well we're not doing this production until next summer though so I have plenty of time, but it's good to be prepared!!

But don't sound like her. No good. Sound like you

Auditions in 15 days..
I have auditions coming up very soon. I know, exciting. I would LOVE to be Liesl. It's for a very well-respected, very very good community theatre so I have to be top-choice. Any audition tips for that particular role? Hair, clothes, actions, etc? Thanx

Don't let on by what you wear that you want Liesl. Go in dance clothes, have jazz or character shoes depending on what the dance apparel is for the particular production, a good song would be "Hoplessly Devoted to You" or "Raining on Prom Night" from Grease. Action wise, when you're reading remember you are a little girl, who thinks because her immature boyfriend is a year older than her, that he can take care of her. She's a girl dealing with all her hormones and stuff, her mom's dead, and she's forced to dress like a sailor, and march around the house while their dad orders them around. Just put yourself in that mindset, and good luck

Right Age for Liesl:

Audition Experience for Liesl:

Hey all!!

Just informing you that I have auditions tomorrow for SOM and I'm really excited! I'll let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck!!

Mark Walton

All the best of luck, Whitney! What role are you auditioning for? Please let us know how it goes.

Auditions went great! I sang my song flawlessly, then they asked me to sing a bit of 16 going on 17. That went well also. I'm hoping to get Liesl, and it looks like my chances are pretty good. On Monday night, the callback list goes up... so now is the hardest part. The waiting. I'll tell you what happens!


Well goodluck, I hope you get Liesl, how is so fun! Be sure to tell us on Monday!

And the lists are up!!! And I've got callbacks this Saturday for Liesl!!! I am sooo excited!

So any tips for callbacks? Wish me luck!


What song did you sing for auditions?

Well it was an audition for the entire season of the company, so I sang a song that really showed off my range. I sang Not for the Life of Me from Thoroughly Modern Millie. I got through about two minutes of my song ((which I was surprised about, because they usually dont' let people go that long)) and then they asked me to sing part of 16 going on 17... I guess they liked it!


P.S. If you want to hear a voice clip, send me a pm...

Audition help/songs for Louisa:

Audition for Louisa or Liesl?:
Liesl or Louisa?
Hey everyone! Well I have auditions for this showing coming up in the future (YAY!) So I was wondering what you all think. I'll be 15 years old (barely) when auditions roll around and I would REALLY like to go for Liesl. I know I can do the role vocally, but I don't know about how I look. I'm 5'6 and 125 pounds... here's a picture. Hopefully it works ... PhotoID=11

So.. tell me what you think I should do. Thanks in advance!



i say go for liesl. you know that you really want to do it, and as long as you can handle the role vocally, there's nothing in your way. you can definately play older than 15, and since liesl only needs to be about 17, you're fine. you look mature! good luck!


If I can play Liesl at age 13, you can play her at 15. You definetly look old enough to play Liesl, and probably too old for Louisa. Break a leg during auditions!
I definately agree with briggsgirll and crazychica. You look mature enough, the Leisl in my high school production was a freshman, so you'll be a freshman next year, right? Good luck!
I would say it depends on who else is going for the role. It is by far the better role and in audlt theatre over here, it is usually given to a young looking woman in her 20s because they can be seen to be [which is improtant] more experienced. If you have lots of experience too then make sure they know about it. Try to find this out and then decide.

Good Luck.
you most def look mature enough to play leisl plus you look to old to play louisia. If you can do it vocally, plus you have the look then go for leisl if you don't yu'll regret it! So take my word, Leisl and let us kno how the audition goes! I'm interested to find out what role you get !!


Well thanks a ton guys! I think I'll be auditioning for Liesl! Auditions aren't until September though.. so I have a bit of time! Wish me luck! Any good suggestions on what to sing?

the girl who played leisl at my high school sand "How Lovely to be a Woman" from Bye Bye Birdie.
Any 'girl happy to be in love' type song that you know well and can perform to a high standard.

Broadway Legend
Yea, true, haha

im having the same issue as you!!! IM pretty sure however that i will go for Lousia because i think its more likely that they will cast an older liesl and an older lousia, being 15 Lousia would probably *for me* be the best option, but i also am not sure i can handle liesl vocally.. so i would try out for both and then they will place you, where they want you

thanks! Yeah, auditions are Sept. 27 and 28.. so I still have quite a while. But I love over preparing. it makes the auds go so much easier. Anyways, now I just have to pick a song I'm terrible with song choices!!!!


I auditioned for Liesl a couple weeks ago and sang "I've Got Rhythm."

"Happily Ever After" from Once Upon a Mattress would be a good song. It's very belty, and VERY Leisl. From your pic you look like a GREAT Leisl, and let's remember she's only 16. If you can handle it vocally, and you fit with the other 6 kids, you'll be fine.

Audition for Louisa or Brigitta?:

Brigitta or Louisa~ help!!
I'm thinking of auditioning for Brigitta, but I can't decide if Louisa is better for me. I just turned thirteen but I'm about as tall as an average ten year old and I have a really girlish little voice . I think that I would be to small for Louisa, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, I was really posting this because I need an audition song. I'm really bad at this. I was thinking maybe "In My Own Little Corner" from "Cinderella". Just the chorus part of it where she starts with the words "In my own little corner, in my...", not the meek as a mouse part. Does anybody have any better suggestions? Also, can anybody tell me their ranges? I'm a soprano, I go up to TOP C comfortably, and down to a low A comfortably. (Not very low, I know-I hate my range! ) Would any of these parts be good for me?



Okay, I just found out that Brigitta is 9, and the age range for her is 8 to 10. The age range for Louisa is 12-14. That would be perfect, if I looked my age! The thing is I have trouble looking 12! Most people think I'm 10 or 11, so now I don't know what to do! Should I put a bunch of make-up on and try to look 13 (but then there's still my voice to consider!), or should I just hope the directors will see my ingenious way of being Brigitta and wear my hair in braids? (I was testing my family to see how old I look in different hairstlyes, and with my hair in braids, they say I look nine. lol)


hakuna matata
Location: in the land of musicals it does sound like you'd be better off going for Brigitta, but couldn't you audition for both parts? just a suggestion Chantelle

If you can't go for both go for brigitta, since you say you look younger then go for the younger looking role especially if your voice sounds young

Well, yeah, I could go for both I guess, but they're so different I don't see how I could. There's not going to be a paper or anything asking me who I'd like to be.
But what I really need is an audition song. I can't seem to find an audition piece that fits and its annoying me!

thanks for ur help tho
form Cinderella is a good idea.. it's easy and I don't think the music in the sound of music is very hard for Brigitta. Know what I mean jelly bean?
actually, Brigetta is 10! not 9

That's what I thought, too, Actor, but they're casting her as 9. And I think I remember her being 9 in the stage musical I saw during the summer. I think she's just 10 in the movie. I wish she were 10 though. I can look 10 better than 9! obviously lol
Location: Here According to, Brigitta can be played from 8-10 years old.... ... of%2BMusic

I hope that helped!


Go for both! When I did Sound of Music there was a girl at the callbacks called back for both Louisa and Brigitta!

Break a leg!
yeah Brigitta definitely is 9 in the stage show. It always sounded weird...having been so used to the movie...when Brigitta said "I'm Brigitta and I'm nine." just didnt sound quite right with 9 instead of 10 lol! I was Louisa and it was heaps of fun but Brigitta is a great part too so just go for it! From what youve said youd probably have a better chance at Brigitta...I played younger than my age as well - I was 15 when I played Louisa, who's only 13. Everyone in the cast just assumed that I was 13 in real life too...they couldnt believe I was 15!! hehe
well best of luck, look forward to hearing how it went!

Thanks! I'm still not sure though about the song. I think it might be a little too easy, you know? Anyway, thanks guys!

You should just audition and see how it goes. Do you have to fill something out at the audition saying what part you are auditioning for, or can't you just do it?
I would say even if you look young, go out for whatever role you think youd be best at-most directors are flexible. If you fit thepart really well, i think theyd be willing to make some exceptions. Good luck!
You just never know...
Auditioin for either one and see what happens. How they cast the girls may very well depend on what boys they get or how young they go with Gretal. My geuss is you would be more suited to Brigitta since they my have to cast Gretal as actually older than she is, and they may need the other kids to look a little more mature than they actually are playing.

When is your audition?

(looking for the rest of this thread)

Audition Help/Song for Maria:

Too Short for Maria?:

Audition Songs for Rolf or Friederich:

My school musical this year is the Sound of Music and I want to audition for either Rolf or Friedrich. I'm 14 years old and 5'9. I'm a barritone. I've already played Rolf in my community theatre group. Anywho, I need help choosing a song and/or monologue for the audition. Any ideas?


I was thinking about doing "Wonderful" from Wicked as my song. Any input?

Mark Walton

For a non-SOM song: "Standing On The Corner (Watching All The Girls Go By)" from "The Most Happy Fella" (which does not have its own forum on this site). That's actually a song of frustration. The Toronto (Canada)-based Four Lads had a hit with that song in 1956.


For some reason, I'm thinking something from Guys and Dolls, like "Luck Be A Lady," or "Guys and Dolls." Good luck with your audition, though, this show is really fun, my high school did it last year. (Go Kurt von Trapp!)


Seriously, I was thinking of that too. I'm like "maybe I should do a song from a show I've been in" and "Luck Be A Lady" popped in my head.

Auditions for Mezzo Soprano Roles (Also look for Mother Abbess): (still there)

Auditions in Sacramento Area?:

Now you can see proof that we tend to answer the same questions over and over! LOL! Not that we don't like to give them, but it's really good to read what others have written.

If anyone else has any audition questions that aren't covered by this post, please feel free to add to this thread and everyone will be more than happy to help!

PS...Thanks for salvaging this! YOU ARE MY HERO, NICK! :)

Author:  what_the_heck013 [ Sat Jan 07, 2006 1:33 pm ]
Post subject: 

I think that The Fantasticks has lots of good audition songs for The Sound of Music.
"Try to Remember" would be good for Captain VonTrapp.
"Much More" would be good for Liesl or Maria.
"Metaphor" would be good for Rolf
"Soon It's Gonna' Rain" would be good for either Liesl or Rolf.
"Plant a Radish" would be good for Uncle Max.
I also think that Annie has quite a few audition songs.
"Tomorrow", "Maybe", and "You're Never Fully Dressed" would be nice for the VonTrapp girls.
Perhaps "Easy Street" for Uncle Max.
When I auditioned for the role of Kurt (and got the part!), I sang... wait for it... wait for it... "Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life For Me)" from Disney's Pinocchio. It worked really well, and I think that most Disney songs would work for lots of different parts in the Sound of Music.

Author:  ConverseSneaker [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 5:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

All those threads have been deleted, so there aren't much good.

Anyways, I've got a SOM audition coming up and I'm trying out for Liesel and the other girl, the 13 year old one who's name I can never remember. And I currently have 2 songs picked out and am trying to decide. My vocal teacher suggested Getting to Know You from King+I since it's my NYSSMA solo this year and it's not too bad and it's but the same composer(Bonus!), but I Know Things Now is the one song I know and can do really well.

My only problem is that just in case I need one, I wanted to prepare a monolouge. But, I have no idea what I should do for a monolouge since all my previous auditions were strictly cold reads.

Any ideas?

Author:  what_the_heck013 [ Thu Apr 06, 2006 7:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

ConverseSneaker, my suggestion would be one of Anne's monologues from The Diary of Anne Frank. My best friend used it for her SoM audition and got Liesl. Here is the one she used:

Anne: Look, Peter, the sky. (she looks up through the skylight) What a lovely, lovely day! Aren't the clouds beautiful? You know what I do when it seems as if I couldn't stand being cooped up for one more minute? I think myself out. I think myself on a walk in the park where I used to go with Pim. Where the jonquils and the crocus and the violets grow down the slopes. You know the most wonderful part about thinking yourself out? You can have it any way you like. You can have roses and violets and chrysanthemums all blooming at the same time?It's funny? I used to take it all for granted? and now I've gone crazy about everything to do with nature. Haven't you?
[Peter: I've gone crazy. I think if something doesn't happen soon? if we don't get out of here?I cant stand much more of it!]
Anne: (softly) I wish you had a religion, Peter.
[Peter: No, thanks! Not me!]
Anne: Oh, I don't mean you have to be Orthodox? or believe in heaven and hell and purgatory and things? I just mean some religion? it doesn't matter what. Just to believe in something! When I think of all that's out there? the trees?and flowers?and seagulls?when I think of the dearness of you, Peter?and the goodness of people we know? Mr. Kraler, Miep, Dirk, the vegetable man, all risking their lives for us everyday? when I think of these good things, I'm not afraid any more? I find myself, and God, and I?
[Peter: that's fine! But when I begin to think, I get mad! Look at us, hiding out for two years. Not able to move! Caught here like? waiting for them to come and get us? and all for what?]
Anne: We're not the only people that've had to suffer. There've always been people that've had to?sometimes one race?sometimes another?and yet?
[Peter: that doesn't make me feel any better!]
Anne: I know it's terrible, trying to have any faith?when people are doing such horrible?but you know what I sometime think? I think the world may be going through a phase, the way I was with Mother. It'll pass, maybe not for hundreds of years, but some day?I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are really good at heart.
[Peter: I want to see something now? not a thousand years from now!]
Anne: But, Peter, if you'd only look at it as part of a great patter? that we're just a little minute in the life? (she breaks off) Listen to us, going at each other like a couple of stupid grownups! Look at the sky now. Isn't it lovely?

You just cut out Peter's lines. Other good monologues (including Anne's other ones) can be found here: ... plays.html
That website has lots of monologues for girls and women.

ConverseSneaker wrote:
My only problem is that just in case.

Oh, and make sure (for your own good) to call the director (or whoever) and ask if you need a monologue. I'd hate for you to prepare it and not use it... but maybe you'll use it later.

Author:  ConverseSneaker [ Fri Apr 07, 2006 12:04 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thank you!

That monolouge looked oddly like something I did once....and then I read the part that said Diary of Anne Frank and #-o . Obviously I did it when I did Anne's part for English once.

*runs off to start cutting out Peter's lines....*

Author:  AngelicDramaQueen58 [ Thu Apr 13, 2006 8:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

I have the same audition coming up that ConverseSneaker does, and I am also trying for Liesl or maybe Sister Margaretta. Which one should I go for? I am 15, 5'3, average build, mezzo-soprano, and its a community theater. I was thinking of audtioning with Summertime from Porgy and Bess (my NYSSMA solo) any suggestions of other songs? The audtion is in 2 weeks ( I know its kind of late but I started thinking again a dangerous thing for me :D )

Author:  ConverseSneaker [ Fri Apr 14, 2006 6:22 am ]
Post subject: 

We don't need monolouges. We going to cold-read. Yay for me, because I love cold-reads!!!!!!!!!! :D

Author:  jazzygirlsings [ Tue Apr 18, 2006 11:18 am ]
Post subject: 

I would sing something a bit more whistful than "Summertime"...especially because you would be auditioning for one of the children...

Look at Louisa's songs from The Fantasticks, as whattheheck suggested...
Or look at other R&H or L&L songs...

Both of you guys bust some appendages!

Author:  lovinbillyelliot [ Tue Aug 01, 2006 6:32 am ]
Post subject:  Audition Location

Does anyone know where you can audition for Liesl for the new west-end version?

Author:  jazzygirlsings [ Mon Aug 07, 2006 1:12 pm ]
Post subject: 

After they get done with the retarded way they are casting Maria, I think THEN they will be looking for the rest of the cast. Look in your local paper/trade papers...they should have them posted a few months before they go into rehearsals...

Author:  theatrelover18 [ Fri Jul 11, 2008 12:07 pm ]
Post subject: 

I'm auditioning for brigitta and I need to prepare a song for the audition. Is Matchmacker from fiddler on the roof good or should I pick a different song? thanks for the help in addvance

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