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Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeney!! 
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Post Re: Sutton Foster as Reno Sweeney!!
So we've known about Sutton Foster being cast as Reno Sweeney in this revival for ages. The rest of the cast has been announced and includes:

:arrow: Joel Grey as Moonface Martin;
:arrow: Adam Godley as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh;
:arrow: Laura Osnes as Hope Harcourt;
:arrow: Colin Donnell as Billy Crocker;
:arrow: Jessica Walter as Evangeline Harcourt;
:arrow: John McMartin as Elisha Whitney;
:arrow: Walter Charles as the Captain;
:arrow: Jessica Stone as Erma;
:arrow: Robert Creighton as Purser;
:arrow: Andrew Cao as Luke; and
:arrow: Raymond J. Lee as John.

It's also been confirmed that the script of the 1987 revival will be used.

jackissensational wrote:
But Kathleen Marshall?? :?

Kathleen Marshall, like her brother, Rob, can be a bit hit or miss and I hope she is in top form for this one. Roundabout needs some street cred.

A first look of Foster as Reno has also been presented:


In the Random Facts Thread, jackissensational wrote:
Have y'all seen the promo picture for Anything Goes? Um, Sutton Foster is HOT! I usually don't find her that gorgeous, but holy shit!

In the Random Facts Thread, Disney-Bway27 wrote:
Everything about that picture is absolutely wonderful. Damn, she deserves the Tony just for those legs! Heterosexuality, check.

Perhaps it should go to whoever airbrushed them?

In the Random Facts Thread, Disney-Bway27 wrote:
Heterosexuality, check.

In the Random Facts Thread,Yakko wrote:
I'm asexual and I still have the hots for Sutton!

In the Random Facts Thread, Brigantine wrote:
Sorry to burst your bubble but everything about her body in that picture has been photoshopped to the moon and back. I'm sure she is pretty hot and fit and trim and all, but.... she looks like she's made of plastic! :lolno:

My point precisely!

In the Random Facts Thread, mastachen wrote:
She's cute, but I wouldn't say hot. She's tall so I would imagine she's got great legs. That picture really, really enhanced her boobs though.

And the line that has been used to cut across her stomach looks completely fake.

In the Random Facts Thread, Felix Felicis wrote:
RF: Sutton Foster is hot as. If you watch the video of them doing the photo shoot, she looks AMAZING.

For anyone who is interested, this video can be seen here. Foster does look amazing during the shoot, but that does not mean that she was not photoshopped to the moon and back. She looks kind of like a Barbie doll now, which is a pity for two reasons: firstly, Foster actually has a great figure and secondly, the airbrushing has actually removed some of the personality she brought to the shoot, which is so beautifully on display in the video.


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