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Post Ad-Libs?
Well, to be honest, I thought of this looking over the 'embarrassing moments' topic. So, have things ever been added to your show? (I know at least one person 'round here that'll gladly talk about a pair of mischievous French twins that got thrown in! *wink*) Or, rather, I should phrase it as...hmm, how should I phrase it?

In any case, I've got a couple, actually. Just little inconsequential things though. Like during the phone call in "The Crew Song," we had a light shine through the curtain so people could see the silhouette of Mrs Harcourt (me!) on the other end.

Also, for the curtain call, we switched props, so Whitney came out with Cheeky, and I with a rum bottle.

There was also "Bon Voyage," and he sang the whole thing to me up until "kiss me, pretty wench," where he turned to the Angel on his other side. (Heck, we pretty much had a blast with all our interactions and hammed things up for all they were worth!)

In fact, in what was probably the best unscripted thing I've ever been a part of, during the wedding procession, Whitney started drunkenly (badly, loudly, off-time) singing along to the music. =) As if that wasn't funny enough in itself, I went along with it and acted embarrassed, gesturing for him to shut up, etc., so then he got louder, until we finally all got down the stairs to where the captain was. So Whitney's standing center stage, singing his drunken heart out, arms spread out for the big finish...and I slap my hand over his mouth on the last note. =DDD

Does anyone know what I'm getting at here enough to share their, uh, experiences? =)


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