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Salutations Anything Goes Lovers!!
I am auditioning for a produciton of Anything Goes (1962 version) and am having a hard time deciding how I want to portray Billy at auditions. I mean, though all the roles in this show would be great to play and I would love to play any of them in the show, as far as auditions are concerned (cuz I am auditioning for Moon and Billy mostly), Moonface and Evelyn are pretty straight forward (especially in this version), and I am not saying I think Billy is complex either, but I just don't want to go into auditions playing it as a normal ingeneau (sorry for misspelling) and am having a hard time picking out what to do. He is obviously a young and optimistic man, not the best of romanticists (if he was, then why would he be so attached to Hope after just one night of fun?) and has to maintain both a very comic side (impressions and sarcastic dialogue) and also be the love-stricken hero with some sappy romantic lines. How would these two sides (comic and romantic) be best balanced while still making it believeable that he would be able to do both realistically? I know this is getting pretty in depth and complicated to answer, but any suggestions that could be given about the part at all would be much, much appreciated (especially if you disagree with any of the statements I have made on here...don't want to go in with an image that is completely wrong...) Thank you in advance and best wishes in this New Year![/b]

Edit: I am sorry for how confusing the above passage probably is, so I will just restate it by asking for character info for Billy! That probably makes it a lot easier on everyone!! And again, any info at all is much appreciated!! Thanks again!

Mon Jan 02, 2006 3:15 pm
Tony Winner
Tony Winner
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The whole show is very over the's like a characature almost (well at least thats what our director told us oodles of times). Billy represents the ingenue...very much so. But he should be so typical charming leading man ingenueish that its comical. It's kinda hard to explain but if you can manage to get the idea of it...especially in the more up beat scenes (you're the top especially) can really show. I realize this might be slightly difficult to understand...our director tried explaining it to our billy frequently and only once we saw a video of a guy playing billy perfectly in this way did he really get it.

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Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:49 pm
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