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I need help for Secret Garden Audition 
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Post I need help for Secret Garden Audition
Hi, so my voice teacher just texted all of us yesterday and said that Secret Garden was picked as the fall musical.

I've looked all over the internet for specifics on the male roles, but all I can find are voice types, not really the actual ranges of the characters or their descriptions.

I'm 24 with a range of F#2 to A4 comfortably...Bb4 on a good day. Can anyone help with some details? I'm not sure also if I should audition with a Tenor broadway song or a Baritone one.


Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:48 pm
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Post Secret Garden
Hi, Tony! Secret Garden has a couple of leading male roles. If you are not familiar with the show, look up a good synopsis to familiarize yourself with the characters. Vocal ranges prove specifically difficult to find with this show, I would recommend you just get the soundtrack and familiarize yourself with it. I would pin you as Dickon or a Ben, but that's just my opinion. The show is also loaded with accents, mainly British and Yorkshire, so start familiarizing yourself with the dialect and pronunciations.

For tenors, you have:
Archibald Craven is the main adult man. He is considered a tenor and his character requires a very wide range of acting ability. He is a hunchback, so be aware. Requires a solid high F.

Dickon is the brother of the scullery maid, Martha. He is a strong Broadway tenor. His range peaks at a high F#.

For baritones/characters, you have:
Dr. Neville Craven is Archibald Craven's mean-spirited brother. He is the antagonist of the show. He is considered a baritone.

Ben Weatherstaff is the gardener. He is considered a "character" role, typed as either a tenor or a baritone.

There are also a host of chorus roles ranging from tenor to bass. This show has a very large chorus, so there are gobs to choose from.

Good luck preparing for the audition. See you in the fall!

Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:48 pm
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Broadway Legend / MdN Veteran

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Age-wise, I'd put Archibald in his late thirties/early forties, but his life of mourning Lily's death has aged him. Neville is his younger brother, so I'd put him anywhere between two to ten years younger than Archibald, just so long as he looks younger.

Dickon is a great part, but needs to look like a teenager. Martha is normally placed as late teens/early twenties, and Dickon is her younger brother.

For whatever reason I've always placed Ben as being an older man, I guess because he's been a gardener there since before Colin (an 11 year old) was born, and I've always seen him played as in his fifties or sixties, but if he was very young (late teens/early twenties) when he first started working for Archibald, he could be in his thirties.

There is also Mary's father, Albert, who I would put as looking somewhere in his thirties. He is dead, but is in all the ensemble numbers as well as having several solos and such himself.

The ensemble, or the "dreamers", are a bunch of ghosts, all in pairs (if you pair the Fakir with the Ayah). The men specifically named as being part of them are the Fakir, Lt. Peter Wright, Major Holmes, and Major Shelley. They each have a couple solos of their own. Depending on your director, more dreamers could be added, but in my opinion it works better the way it's written. The dreamers could be anywhere from their twenties to their forties, in my opinion.

There are also a few men in the house staff, but I can't remember their names and they don't sing if I remember correctly.

Dickon and Ben have strong Yorkshire accents, and the Fakir is a native to India, so he needs to look and sound like it. The other characters may have another form of a British accent, depending on your director's decision. I don't have vocal ranges for anyone at the moment but will look and get back to you.

Mon Jun 21, 2010 7:35 am
Tony Winner
Tony Winner

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To add: Archie has several G's (there are two optional A's, and both are just touched), and a soft (can be falsetto) sustained A-flat.

Neville is a true baritone range. But you don't need a dark operatic baritonish sound. Remember that Phillip Quast sang Neville in Australia before he sang Archie in London. The range is not all that great, you should be able to cover it easily. I think up to F or F#.

Ben is the old gardner. I would think in his 50's at least. It's a character role, and can even be spoke-sung.

And like Hyperactress said, Albert and the other dreamers are wonderful supporting roles. Albert is a baritenor type, and the other officers are divided tenor/baritone/bass (although I couldn't right now tell you which is which, and I would think that they are interchangeable)

Fakir is a high lying tenor, actually sits higher than Dickon. I think that his part has a C.

Dickon is a young true tenor, he doesn't go very high, but the tessitura is up there. I would think that if you're already 24, and it's a college production, you would probably be too old for this.

Tue Jun 22, 2010 4:58 pm
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Post Re: I need help for Secret Garden Audition
He is the antagonist of the show. He is considered a baritone.

Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:14 pm
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Post Re: I need help for Secret Garden Audition
I just finished performing in this show as Lt. Shaw and it is a great production to take part in. You sound like you'd make a good Dickon or you could also shoot for May Lennox's father, Captain Albert Lennox. Not a huge role but he gets a good amount of stage time. Good luck!

Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:26 am
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