An interesting casting choice...
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Author:  PreciousRubies [ Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  An interesting casting choice...


Wanna hear something interesting?

I play Theo....I'm a girl.

I'm real short but I'm....developed.

....Kay, that be wierd cuz I'm also a player and after choregraphing "With You", our Pippin (our actor is gay btw) is basically a pephophile. A gay Pippin surrounded by girls. Take a momemt to imagine that. Fastrada is also in it, but that's ok cuz she's his STEPmom and therefore not blood.

And my friend, ahem sorry, my MOM, is trying to abuse me and send me to my room. And apparently I was adopted and shes sending back to the orphanage after walking in on her and Pippin's "failure to launch" as they call it.

Ain't life grand?

Stand by for pictures possibly. This is my first musical...techincally. We perform in the beginning of May!

Author:  PreciousRubies [ Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:03 pm ]
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And we're doing the ending of Theo coming out on stage away from Pippin and Catherine. Where he sings that bit of Corner of the Sky while the players sneak up in him with the woos.

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