Pippin auditions ~ Female lead player?
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Author:  noparesiguesigue [ Fri Aug 15, 2008 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Pippin auditions ~ Female lead player?

So my theatre company (we're all high school kids) has just announced the next musical will be Pippin.

I'm one of the younger in the cast, but I'm also one of the tallest of the girls.

I sing mezzo-soprano and/or first soprano (my range is somewhat between the two)

I'm thinking about who to audition for.

My favorite character who I would LOVE to play would be the Lead Player... but in most versions, he's male. Do you think a female could do the role? I wouldn't play it very feminine, but not try to be a guy either.

If not, I'm wondering who I should audition for. I was thinking Fastrada, as I know her song and she seems like a fun character to play. Has anyone played her or knows someone who has? I think the whole really nice but sort of b*tchy at the same time could be really fun. :D

I'd love to play Berthe, but I don't really have the right appearance, vocal range, etc to play her. I mean, no one in a group of high schoolers looks like an old lady, but my build and height don't really work for her. :(

And Catherine... well, I've never really been one to play the solid romantic lead. I prefer doing comedy roles, but I'd be honored if the directors thought I'd be good at her and I'd do my best.

If you want me to make a recording of me singing any of the songs, I will. ^_^

(I'd be happy being in the ensemble as well, one of the best ensembles in any show! So much color and fun. But I'd like to at least give auditioning for a lead a shot.)


Author:  Brother Marvin Hinten, S. [ Fri Aug 15, 2008 10:24 pm ]
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It's perfectly fine to have a female Leading Player, done right. In several recent productions, Leading Player has been cast as a woman to add a sexual element to Pippin's seduction; this casting also gives the show a much more contemporary feel, to have a woman in the position of authority. Leading Player is the person Pippin should trust least, yet is the one he trusts most—until he meets Catherine. But Pippin is afraid to trust her because everyone else has betrayed him. He must learn to have faith in her as he learns to have faith in himself.

Author:  Robinflamingo [ Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:34 pm ]
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Catherine is NOT a normal female lead love interest, either. She's fascinating and has many layers and levels. I'd love to play her.

Fastrada is probably the most outright "character" besides Berthe, but you are right, the ensemble is awesome in Pippin (that's what I ended up doing, as the director deemed me "too tall" for Fastrada, and too young for Berthe.)

Author:  le_moofin [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 8:30 am ]
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Leading Player - My school was dead-set on a male LP, but maybe your company will be different? I do agree that having a female LP can add a sexual/contemporary feel to it, but since your company pulls from a variety of schools, there could be plenty of guys to be a perfect candidate for LP. Also, the LP needs to be a sort of show-stealer (ours definitely was) so if you're not sure if you can do that, you might not get it. Finally... I'm pretty sure a mezzo would be able to sing most of LP's stuff as written, although you might need to take a few things up an octave.

Fastrada - Definitely fits within your vocal range. I almost was cast as Fastrada, but there was another girl a year older who got it. If you can manipulate your voice to sound a bit nasally, then you'll have a good shot (at least, if the director is looking for a traditional Fastrada). You could also try to make her a bit more seductive. I think the highest she sings is the second F above middle C.

Berthe - Eh, she's a low alto most of the time and, while I'm sure she'd be fun to play, is only in a scene or two. You don't sound like you have the right voice or build for her, but who knows!

Catherine - Robin has it right. Catherine is NOT the romantic ingenue type. She can be tall or short, stocky or thin. She's really more of an alto/mezzo, but a soprano could probably handle most of her songs. I believe Kind of Woman goes pretty low, although I don't remember how low. But as long as your lower register sounds full and supported and not like your grunting out the notes, I'm sure you'd make a good Catherine =D

Have fun with your audition and don't sweat it if you make ensemble. I was one of the featured ensemble (I had a small solo, an AMAZING costume, and danced with Pippin in the seduction scene) and it was a ton of fun. I think my favorite part was my make-up =3

Author:  noparesiguesigue [ Sat Aug 16, 2008 10:40 am ]
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Catherine is a very complicated character, true. But I've sang some of her songs and they didn't turn out very well. *shrugs* plus there's a girl who's an absolutely PERFECT Catherine with a WAY better voice than I have.

Author:  LittleGavroche [ Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:51 pm ]
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I hope you go for (went for?) the Leading Player. I've yet to see a great female one and I am dying to see it played sort of adrogynously (sp? is that even a word?) flirtatious and feminine sometimes but more masculine and one of the guys during something like Right Track. Would love to hear you sing one of the songs. :D

Author:  Salome [ Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:29 am ]
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ive never heard a nasal sounding Fastrada in my life!!

SHE IS MORE OF A MARLENE dIETRICH type siren. A nasal sounding Fastrada would kill the role!

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