Las Vegas POTO cuts
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Author:  Yip1982 [ Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:41 am ]
Post subject:  Las Vegas POTO cuts

Could I know what bits of the musical were cut for the 90-plus minute Las Vegas production of POTO? I am only curious to know how they trimmed this musical without badly affecting the main songs. Now that the production is closed I can't find out.

Could they have shortened the Hannibal and Il Muto sequences and removed Carlotta's Phantom-induced croaking? Did they go straight to the Notes immediately after Music of the Night? Could they have cut the little section after All I Ask of You before the reprise? Could they have cut the Don Juan Triumphant rehearsal sequence and Scene 6?

Author:  RaoulDeChangy [ Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Las Vegas POTO cuts

Most of the main songs (Think of Me, Phantom, Music of the Nights, etc) are retained in their complete, unaltered forms. The only major song to go through significant cutting was Point of No Return which was abridged to a few verses.
The only songs to be cut in their entirety were Magical Lasso and The Rehearsal for Don Juan.
Apart from that, cuts were made to songs like Hannibal, Il Muto and Don Juan (reflecting many of the movie's cuts) - though Il Muto retains the Carlotta's croaking. Also, Notes II was also heavily edited down serving mainly as a short intro to the largely maintained Twisted Every Way. Small line cuts are made in songs throughout like Stranger Than You Dreamt It, the Graveyard Trio, Final Lair etc. Additionally, Raoul and Mme. Giry's scene after Masquerade is fully spoken and features some new lines.
Also, since the Chandelier Crash is moved to after Point of No Return, there are some subtle lyric changes in Masquerade to remove references to it.

That's just a short overview, if you have any other specific questions I can try my best to answer them.
Hope this helps :)

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