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Why so silent, good messieurs...??? 
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Post Why so silent, good messieurs...???
Did you think I had left you for good?
Have you missed me, good messieurs?
I have come up with another Muppet cast!
Here I bring the finished cast list for "The Phantom of the Opera"!


The Phantom (Erik)/Gonzo
Christine Daae/Annie Sue Pig (Miss Piggy's younger, slimmer understudy)
Firmin/Fozzie Bear
Carlotta/Miss Piggy
Piangi/Link Hogthrob
Mme. Giry/Zelda Rose (the one that looks like Beaker dressed as an old lady)
Meg Giry/Prairie Dawn
Joseph Buquet/Beaker
M. Reyer/Scooter
M. Lefevre/Bunsen Honeydew
Themselves/Statler & Waldorf
Ensemble/Everyone else


Several of the sight gags revolve around Beaker's portrayal of Joseph Buquet. As we know, Beaker seems to get himself in some sort of mishap every time he tries...well, ANYTHING. In this case, when Beaker (as Buquet) gets the Punjab lasso, it's overlooked that he sort of has no (visible) neckline, and he goes THROUGH the noose and crash-lands...on the chandelier. Of course, we know what happens after that, and the chandelier is brought down, with Beaker (quite audibly) screaming for help and holding on for dear life. Then, in act 2, one of the fireballs in the cemetary scene goes a little farther than planned, hitting Beaker, who is in the wings. (Gonzo does break character by loudly saying "SORRY, BEAKER!") By curtain call, he's in a wheelchair, holding up a sign saying "I QUIT!".

Link Hogthrob ruining the prelude to the final lair sequence. When Miss Piggy (as Carlotta) runs on to see Link (as Piangi) garrotted, and asks what happened, Link suddenly kips up and says "Duh, it was HORRIBLE...this meanie in a mask came and put this rope around my neck, and...," forcing Piggy to respond by saying "You're supposed to be dead, dummo. If I can't play Christine, at least let me overact in this bit."

A documentary is shot for the "behind the scenes" work on this production. Highlights include: comments from the Muppets, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and various others involved with the show. Some highlights:

ALW: "Gonzo, to me, truly embodies the spirit of the Phantom. I couldn't think of anyone better to play him. Then again, I couldn't think of anyone who was so CLOSE to the character in real least in the looks department, anyway."

ALW: "When I brought the arrangements, I thought Kermit would have booked an 88-piece orchestra. What he didn't tell me was that the score would be played by Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem!"

ALW: "MIss Piggy was truly a joy to work with. She's very down to earth." (cut to footage of Piggy and ALW arguing)

Other highlights of the "documentary":
Gonzo meeting Michael Crawford (of course, he doesn't know much of anything MC has done outside of "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em").

Miss Piggy: "You know, when Gonzo put the mask on for the first time, the only thing I could think was 'It's an improvement. Not by much, but definitely an improvement.'"

Link Hogthrob constantly annoying Scooter when, even when they're not rehearsing, he's still trying to get that phrase right..."Those who tangle with Don Juan..." (THe last shot we see after the credits is Link attempting this line again, and Scooter says, in exasperation, "Wrong AGAIN, Link.")

Beaker going on a tirade about his mishaps with the production, with Kermit providing a fairly inaccurate translation of what he said.

Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:45 am
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