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When Mechanical Mirror Dolls ATTACK! 
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Post When Mechanical Mirror Dolls ATTACK!
Dear Musicals.Net Posters,

All names have been changed to protect the innocent....and the guilty.... ;)

During 2012, there was a rural American theatre that was becoming popular within its tri-county area. It was called "The Backwoods Theatre", or "The Woods Theatre", or maybe "The Deep Woods Theatre", or something like that, but people rarely referenced it by its proper name, because the locals all knew it as "That House in the Woods"; it had been an actual Victorian home during the 1870s, but it had been damaged during the late 1880s in a fire, and when the family who lived there lost the patriarch's father, they used some of his money to build a new home, and they decided to refurbish the old house, which they had previously restored somewhat, so that it could be a really nice theatre for the locals. The theatre opened sometime during the early 1890s, and it was still standing during the 2000s.

During the Autumn of 2011, the theatre owners, Joe and Tessie Mills, decided to hold auditions for "The Phantom of the Opera". A young newcomer, Laura, was chosen to play Christine (The director declared, "She's the one who'll stop the show!"), and a woman named Lane was chosen as her understudy / The Mechanical "Christine" Doll, while a teen named Jessie was chosen to play the role of Meg.

People were getting the notion that Lane didn't really like Laura (She was known to look into the mirror before each rehearsal, saying, "I'm going to stop the show!"), but they had no idea how much she hated the newcomer. The musical opened during late June of 2012, and it had only run for about a week's-worth of performances, when something awful happened!

On an uncharacteristically cool Friday night, everything was going as planned. Erik, played by a guy named Ross, had just unveiled the mechanical doll, A.K.A., the understudy (Lane) to Christine (Laura). Lane had been lurching a little too far forward, and glaring at Laura, but the musical's leading actress, who had just turned 19, was trying to be responsible, and to not panic or make a fuss over "nothing". She wanted the audience to make a big deal about her; she didn't want anybody from the theatre treating her as though she were a spoiled, bratty diva.

Well, anyway, on this cool Friday night, Laura walked forward, forcing herself to look extra curious, and to get really close, in the hopes of intimidating Lane a little bit, so as to keep her in character, so that she'd stop being such a bully.

The creative tactic failed like fireworks exploding in one's own face! When Lane's upper half came forward, she delivered an actual punch to Laura's face, a punch so severe that it caused Laura to fall backward, so that the poor young woman knocked herself unconscious on the floor of the stage!

Ross gasped, but he chose to remain in character, fetching the silken bedclothes, wrapping Laura up, and carrying her to the bed. When she didn't wake up on cue, though, the show stopped right away. The audience got a full refund, and, after a hospital stay, and some time in court against Lane, Laura decided to not return to the theatre. Lane was never again allowed to perform at "That House in the Woods", and two new actresses, Beth and Marina, were chosen to play Christine and The Mechanical "Christine" Doll, respectively; they were more than grateful for those opportunities!

The poor theatre suffered, though. Locals stopped auditioning, attending Summer acting workshops, and even coming to performances. During December of 2015, the last performance of "The Holiday Spectacular" show was performed, to an audience of three, and, by the end of the year, the theatre was defunct. The building was bulldozed down during 2016.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
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