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Does Harold Hill have to have a certain "visual" t 
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Post Re: New kind of Harold Hill, and the height issue...
The Duchess of Mint wrote:
Dear Guard,

I know that you don't fit the immediate stereotype of Harold Hill (Ie: Slightly skinny, smooth, young-looking, All-American good guy), but I think that you can still be Harold Hill.

Harold Hill is, first and foremost, a slightly self-worshipping conman, who does not expect to fall in love with anyone, especially someone who's actually smart.

I think that a slightly larger, more imposing Harold Hill could work, as long as he's still all about being All-American and "honest." Actually, I think that Harold could be slightly more imposing, and still be successful, because Marian, who seems quiet, strict, preoccupied with a slightly superficial (?) paranioa and order, and buried up to her nose in books, could actually come right out of nowhere with her brainy sleuthing, and make a more imposing Harold Hill seem super surprised.

Marian has to cause Hill to "get his foot caught in the door", and, if he seems larger-than-life (literally), and take-charge, the moment when he finally decides that he loves Marian will be very sweet, because he will finally be able to show that his heart is as great as the act that he put on for the entire town.

I also don't know that height matters as much as the theatre stereotype says that it does. You'll probably be taller than your Marian, so you won't have to worry much about the height issue, but I still think that there are some female musical theatre characters who COULD be taller than their leading male costars. I think that Dolly Levi could be taller than Horace Vandergelder, and I think that Marian could be taller than Harold Hill. After all, Horace and Harold really think that they own their respective towns, and I think that they'd both see a tall woman as a challenge, rather than seeing her as a threat. Besides, characters like Dolly and Marian don't really blend into their surroundings, so they can afford to be tall, large, not super pretty, etc. Dolly and Marian are, above all else, witty matches for the men who engage in power struggles with them.

If you feel that I'm offending you, feel free to say so. I only know that the theatre world might consider you to be slightly "against-type" for the role of Harold Hill, so I'm thinking that you can explain that your "against- type" qualities can still work.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

I agree with most of this, but possibly not "Young Looking". IMO "Robert Preston" was not that young looking, and I think it is one of the few leads that an older performer could get away with providing his personality is right.

Thu Jul 28, 2011 8:46 am
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