The song "Maybe" turns Ellen into an unrealistic, PC little
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Author:  The Duchess of Mint [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:23 am ]
Post subject:  The song "Maybe" turns Ellen into an unrealistic, PC little

Dear "Miss Saigon" Fans,

I have finally heard that BLASPHEMY that passes itself off as Ellen's NEW song ("Maybe"), and my reaction is...O...M...G...WHAT the...? I must apologize to all of you lovers of the NEW "Miss Saigon", but, REALLY, HOW could they...WHY DID they...Wow...just...WOW!

Let me explain exactly why I wish to HECK that they'd change the song back to "Now That I've Seen Her". Think about it. A PC, super self-effacing, weak Ellen Scott (Who "rescued" Chris, and who is now saying, "Que sera, sera" about an issue that she SHOULD care about) just doesn't make SENSE for 1978! She might make sense TODAY, but she sure as heck doesn't make sense for 1978!

Why? Well, assume that you are her, and that it's 1978. We don't know which side of the Vietnam issue you are on, with regards to your political views, but we know that you were willing to marry a G.I., a man who supported the American troops, so we know that you care about American soldiers, or, at least, that you care about YOUR American soldier. As such, you would more than likely NEVER say, "Oh, maybe I should just LET Kim have him." After all, you KNOW how cruel some of the war protestors have been towards returning G.I.s; you'd NEVER risk giving the RACISTS a reason to hate him, too (IE: The protestors would already hate him for having had sex with a poor prostitute, whose life the war screwed up, and the racists would be heckling him for having had sex with Kim...without any protection, because she's Vietnamese, and because, now a bi-racial child exists...)

It's ALSO the late 1970s, and, even if you ARE the type to say, "Que sera, sera," would you REALLY, REALLY say that about the man with whom you're hoping to start a FAMILY soon? Maybe the two of you have even been having TROUBLE starting a family. In either case, the idea of Kim would make you freak the heck out! You might suddenly feel inwardly prejudiced towards her, even if you WANT to be impartial; she's a poor prostitute, whom your husband had sex with, what, once or twice, while YOU are the woman upon whose hand he placed a RING! Kim has just come to your room to bargain with you about her child, whom YOU might feel that she's secretly USING as her CONVENIENT BARGAINING that she can SOMEHOW lure Chris away from you!

What if Chris suddenly decides that YOU are somehow too "independent" for him, that is, too WITHOUT a child, and he really DOES choose to divorce you after only a year or so of marriage, because Kim's child is too much of a draw for him to let him say "No." to her? (Even today, some women, like me, feel as though a woman who has a child is seen as being more revered, special, and important than any woman who has no child, no matter how much passion BOTH women feel about the same guy; society just sort of stereotypes ALL mothers as Madonnas, judging women as valuable ONLY because of their reproductive systems, and that's not fair, ESPECIALLY because not ALL of those women are in Kim's unfortunate position.)

So, given the social climate of the late 1970s, do you REALLY think that Ellen would be so likely to take the self-defeating attitude that so saturates the song "Maybe"? I don't...because I see the song "Maybe" as a pathetic attempt to turn Ellen from a complex, accurately 1970s woman to a politically correct, Hippie-type "good" character, so that Feminists will be happy. Well, this musical theater fan is NOT impressed!

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Author:  Apples2for10 [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The song "Maybe" turns Ellen into an unrealistic, PC lit

When exactly was "Maybe" added to the show?

Author:  The Duchess of Mint [ Fri May 01, 2015 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The song "Maybe" turns Ellen into an unrealistic, PC lit

Dear Apples,

I'm not certain, but I THINK that it was added during the ridiculous 2014 overhaul of the entire show.

I'll NEVER understand why almost every...single...SONG had to be "overhauled"! Talk about..."Why, God?" That's what I'M askin' about the lyrics from this musical; I may never know why the lyrics were changed...In my opinion, they were fine, just as they were!

Well, thanks in advance for your reply.

Apples2for10 wrote:
When exactly was "Maybe" added to the show?

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