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Some questions about the future "Miss Saigon" movie! 
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Post Some questions about the future "Miss Saigon" movie!
Dear "Miss Saigon" Fans,

I have a few questions about the future (?) "Miss Saigon" (I know that the NEW "Miss Saigon" is actually a West End revival) movie:

* Whom would YOU cast in the main roles? Whom do you think that Hollywood might cast?

* Do you think that Ellen will be able to sound more youthful than she sounds in the stage show? (In the various soundtracks, Ellen's voice is always...."serious-sounding", with super elongated vowels, a mature tone, etc., so that she always sounds very, very "Disco Era", and almost British, if you know what I mean)

* Do you think that Kim will have a no-bangs hairstyle that's usually pulled straight back, a center/ side-parted no-bangs hairstyle, or bangs?

* Do you believe that the levels of violence and sex will be amped up in the movie? Do you think that instead of just threatening Kim, the Communists will actually rape her in the movie? Do you think that the movie-makers will practically try to turn "Miss Saigon" into a porno (Let's HOPE that Hollywood knows the meaning of the words "classy" and "euphemism"), what with the fact that the Engineer DOES run a sex-industry business?

* Do you think that a true Asian/ Eurasian actor will be chosen to play the role of The Engineer, or do you think that somebody like Johnny Depp will be chosen, simply because he's popular in Hollywood? Will the "Law & Order: SVU guy (B.D. Wong?) suddenly sing as The Engineer?

* Do you think that Hollywood will allow Thuy to show any pain and emotion (I love that aspect of the stage show soundtracks!) when he learns that Kim loves Chris, or do you think that they'll make him into a purely violent jackwagon, an Alpha guy who's ALL violence and strength, and NO emotion?

* Should Hollywood cast an unknown kid as Tam, or should they choose a known child actor? Should they cast the son of a popular Hollywood star?

* Do you believe that the movie will feature an accurate 1970s look, or do you think that the characters will look too modern?

* Should the movie show Kim going into labor, while fantasizing about Chris, in order to make her connection to Chris and Tam more realistic, or should Hollywood stick to the original Broadway show?

* Do you think that Hollywood will portray "Miss Saigon" as the portrait of a young woman who slowly goes insane, caring less and less about her looks, descending into madness, and becoming less and less healthy?

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Till Next Time,
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