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Why does Javert kill himself? 
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Post Re: Why does Javert kill himself?
sueb1863 wrote:
Hugo makes it pretty clear in the book. For the first time in his life Javert is faced with a dilemma in which there is no clear 'right' answer. He can't let Valjean go because he's a wanted criminal. But he can't arrest him because he owes Valjean his life. Both choices are 'wrong' and that's something Javert can't deal with.

Not only he owes his life to Valjean, but more : Valjean saved another life and is more concerned about saving that life than saving his own life.
That just doesn't match with a criminal soul to Javert...

Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:01 am
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Post Re: Why does Javert kill himself?
veerveer wrote:
This was really horrible for me that,his character was very complex and it was make me uncomfortable and panic.His suicide was not demand of story but they did it.I was surprise with his character and after then not consider.

Yes, I also found Javert's death sad. Having said that, there were times earlier when I just wanted to scream at him "Come on, just give Valjean a break for God's sake!".

There are a couple of deaths in Les Mis and they're all heartbreaking to various degrees. Fantine's death is completely tragic. Javert's death is tragic because I can see that a man like that has a great potential to do good and it's sad that he's so misguided... and he kills himself at the moment when the possibility of his moral redemption looks so promising. Eponine's death is sad as well.

Even the end when Valjean dies is sad. It's happy that he's finally at peace and at one with his family, the world and God... but it's sad that it happened all the last fifteen minutes of his life before he died and went to a better place.

Les Mis doesn't sugar coat stuff. One of the things I like about it. To love another is to know the face of God.

Fri May 03, 2013 1:12 am
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